How to Be a Considerate Roommate

Nothing is more frustrating than cohabitating with a roommate who has no respect for your needs or boundaries. It seems like such people think only of themselves and pay no mind to how their actions affect anyone else. However, it may surprise you to learn that many inconsiderate roomies aren’t willfully malicious – they’re simply unaware of the effects of their behavior. In fact, most of these individuals don’t even realize they’re driving their roommates nuts. As such, it behooves everyone who lives with a roomie to take the following precautions against inconsideration.

Be Mindful of Your Roommate’s Schedule

A considerate roomie is mindful of the other party’s schedule and the ways in which it differs from their own. For example, if you and your roomie get up and go to sleep at different times, you’ll need to limit your noise levels during the hours when you’re awake and they’re asleep. Nothing angers people like having their sleep patterns tampered with, so if you wish to remain on your roomie’s good side, take care to keep your personal volume in check.

Get Their Approval before Adopting Pets

Prior to bringing a pet into the residence, it’s strongly recommended that you get your roommate’s approval. This is important for two reasons. For starters, your roomie could be allergic to certain animals, which could make living with a pet completely unfeasible for them. Secondly, your roommate might not want to deal with the various messes and responsibilities pet ownership entails. Pet adoption is not something to be approached lightly andmaking a decision of this magnitude without your roomie’s consent is practically guaranteed to have a negative impact on your relationship.

You’ll also need to confirm that your residence even allows pets. While some rentals are pet-friendly, a sizable number of them have strict “no pets” policies. Animal lovers in the Cornhusker State should keep an eye out for apartments for rent in Omaha, NE with pets allowed.

Always Have Your Portion of the Rent Ready on Time

Having your share of the rent on the first of every month is one of the foremost tenets of a considerate roommate. Conversely, being late with your portion of the rent can put both your roommate and your landlord in a very awkward position. If your roomie lacks the personal funds to cover your half of the rent, his or her credit is liable to suffer a blow. On the flipside, if he or she is able to pay your share of the rent, they may reason that living alone and having less money is preferable to living with a roommate who can’t be depended on.

If you live with a roommate, there’s a good chance you’re inadvertently engaging in behaviors he or she finds inconsiderate. The last thing someone wants is to be stuck with a nightmare of a roomie, so if you expect your roommate to show you respect and consideration, you’ll need to lead by example. In the quest to be a good roomie, the pointers discussed above are sure to serve you well.


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