MI Models and Talent- Grand Rapids, Michigan Modeling Agency’s Recommendations and Tricks on How to Succeed as a Professional Model

Do you want to be a professional model but do not know how, when, and where to start? Do you aspire to become the next Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, or Cindy Crawford? Or do you want to be the next Victoria Secret Angel like Gisele Bündchen, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, or Alessandra Ambrosio? Do you want to be the next “It Girl” and grace the covers of Maxim, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, or Elle?

Modelling as a professional job has been a sought-after choice for thousands of aspiring ladies chasing their dream to be the next big thing and a supermodel. Gone are the days where you could depend on lady luck to get discovered and spotted by agencies and agents. The possibility of that occurring will be one-in-a-million. Becoming a professional model now involves effort, discipline, and perseverance.

To become a sought-after model, you need a solid plan and follow a good strategy to make sure you stand out from another aspiring model. Listed below is a list of tips and tricks you need to follow to get into the harsh world of modelling and kick-start your career.

Get an awesome portfolio

The first thing most agency, agents, as well as companies, look at when they are checking new models is their portfolio. The first thing models should have,is aquality photo that will showcase your strengths, strong points, and assets through high-quality, eye-catching photos.

Your photosare significant in making a first good impression. It will greatly help you to have a printed copy that you can give to agents when you meet them face to face and an online version like a portfolio website that you can give or send to relevant people via email or social media.

Look for the right, trustworthy modelling agency

Every professional model needs an agent and an agency. The first thing you need to do is to find and get signed by a reputable agency. Getting noticed by any agency requires a simple submission: get an eye-capturing photo of yourself.

These photos are also known as “Digitals” or “Polaroids” in the modelling industry. Agencies and corporations are looking for a natural and straightforward picture so that they can see the models for what they truly are. You need to submit photos of you with little makeup: a light touch of mascara and foundation with a bit of blush-on and lip tint at the most.

Don’t style your hair, but make sure that it is clean and presentable. Make sure you include a photo of you with hair down and with hair up, away from your face. The background of your photo needs to be as plain as possible and not too off-putting. Standing against a neutral or plain wall is the best way to get that effect.

You can get a professional photographer if you have the budget, but if you don’t, you can use natural lighting and not too flashy. Your photos should include a smiling photo with and without teeth, non-smiling picture, up-close headshots, right and left side photos, and a whole body, full-length shot with both turning away and facing your camera.

The outfit you are going to wear should compose of a solid-colored shirt and jeans. Pictures you submit to the company should NOT include selfies, zoomed-out, blurry, or unclearphotos, as well as photoshopped or altered images. Do not get a fake tan, wear false eyelashes, do any crazy makeup or contouring to give the impression and cheat of being makeup free and possess awesome cheekbones and natural, tiny nose.

Don’t overdo it. You need to be natural and simple because it is the first image most agents and companies are looking for in a model.

Do your due diligence and investigate about the modelling agent or agency you want to join

Before committing to any agents or agencies, you have to do your research on those agencies or personalities behind the company. First, and probably the most critical part is to ask yourself whether the agency is legit or not. Can their agency be verified easily through the Internet?

Do they have any reviews, good or bad? Is the agency accepting models with the looks and statistics like yours? You also have to know how their submission process and guidelines because every agency has different procedures and guidelines. You can find thesepieces of information through the agency’s website like this one: http://modelinggrandrapids.com/.

You also need to know the agency’s model lineup, past and present as well as their recent campaigns. After you give your pictures and you receive a call-up to and have a meeting with the company in person, you need to do more research before the meeting.

You need to know who are the big names in the fashion world as well as the models who are dominating the industry at the moment. You also have to brush up on events from beauty, modelling and fashion world. You do not need to be a walking encyclopedia, be aware of what is going on in the world you are trying to join in.

You need to accept rejection

Aside from being physically prepared, also need to be mentally prepared for any rejection. There is a lot of denial coming in your way if you are still starting in your career. You need to handle every failure and rejection. Even the most popular professional supermodels experienced failures when they are beginning their careers.

Most of them were told “NO” a lot of times by countless agencies and people. failure is part of the process. The sooner you experienced and understood that, the better you will become.

Start challenging yourself to ignore any negativity and criticism that is coming your way. Analyze if the criticism is good or bad. If it is good, take it as a compliment and use it to better yourself. If it is terrible, don’t mind it. You need to have tougher skin if you want to be successful in this industry.

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