How To Choose Flower Arrangements For Baby Showers

Baby showers are events arranged with a lot of fondness, and choosing the flowers for the floral arrangement can be the source of additional positive emotions. Of course, to make the best choice, people should ask the opinion of the baby’s mother, as well as look for information by seasoned florists. But most of all, because flowers are really a very personal form of expression, it is difficult to lay hard and fast rules for flower arrangements, especially for baby showers.

Baby showers are typically associated with pastel colours, and with delicateness as well. That is the reason why baby’s breath is a popular choice for flower arrangements. People can also ask florists for advice on what other flowers are suitable for this type of event. Stock, lilies, roses, tuberoses, etc. are also appropriate flower choices.

The containers for the flower arrangements are very important. Florists recommend using bubble bowls – bowls which are similar to goldfish bowls. To help the flowers to stand in the bowls, it is best to use floral tape, and start by taping several flowers in a crisscross pattern. The floral tape can be covered with greenery. It is important to take care that the stems reach the water inside the bowl, and any leaves that have fallen inside the bowl should be removed.

How to Choose Flower Arrangements for Baby Showers

To add beauty to the flower arrangements in bowls, plants, especially greeneries, which cascade over the bowl and cover the floral tape edges are suitable. Asparagus fern, lemon leaf, seeded eucalyptus, ivy are popular choices. To add the impression of height, baby eucalyptus, myrtle, or Bells of Ireland are the best options. The greenery should not be in excessive amounts, it should be enough to cover most of the floral tape. If afterwards at any time some part of the floral tape starts showing, it can always be covered with more greenery.

Flowers in the baby shower bubble bowl flower arrangements should be arranged starting with the largest flowers. Each arrangement can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, according to preferences. After the flowers, it is time for the fillers, the most typical being baby’s breath and sea lavender. Arranging flowers in urns for a baby shower tends to lend a more formal air. A brick of floral foam is good for holding the flowers inside the urn. It should be soaked in advance, secured with floral tape, and then the tallest flowers can be arranged to form the frame, then the smaller flowers, and finally the fillers of the arrangement. A third type of floral arrangement for baby showers is the vase arrangement type. The advantage of vase arrangements is that usually there is no need to secure the flowers inside by means of floral tape.

To be ready for the baby shower in time, people can prepare the flower arrangements of their choice on the day before the event, so that everything is ready on the very day. Alternatively, they can prepare the arrangements on the morning, just before the baby shower. It is always good to make all arrangements in advance so that everything should be set up for the event.

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