New Housing Ideas: Inspiration Around The World

Alternative Building Materials

Building a house is not about having the old-fashioned materials anymore, now it is more about making a statement. Today, we tend to be greener and more economical with whatever we do, and making a house out of non-conventional material is as easy as making a pie.

Only your imagination is the limit how your next house will be built. But remember to include new green solutions as well, not only will your new home be more comfortable, but you will be able to save up some money from your bills.

Living Like a Hobbit

New Housing Ideas: Inspiration Around The World

No, it is not just a fairytale, you can actually make your home in the ground and believe or not, it is actually really nice and it allows you to save up on some materials. Moreover, it is a true ecologically sound house, not only will the ground around you regulate room temperatures but it will also be good sound proof too.

The Steel House

New Housing Ideas: Inspiration Around The World
Some might find the appeal of steel, and making a house out of steel might seem like a far-fetched idea, but it is indeed very possible, and very comfortable. Think not about creating a conventional home rather think of it as creating a sculpture, for life.

Remember to research before building a steel house though, a lot of rain and humid environment will make it rust quickly so you will have to make sure to take care of it regularly. Unless you want that artistic rust feel to it.

The Container Homes

New Housing Ideas: Inspiration Around The World

Making houses out of containers an absolutely great idea. Not only are you recycling old unused ship containers but it is also less costly to make a home from such material. Moreover, it is like building with blocks, just stack them and you can have as many stories to your home as you want. And if you add some container shelters and use them to connect two containers, you’ll get a wonderful covered patio for all your outdoor party needs.

The positive side to container homes is that it is easy to put together rooms and it is also easy to apply insulation. Moreover, using containers is an extremely green solution that you should consider if you want to be environmentally responsible.

Beehive Houses

Instead of making a home that is regular and most of the times boring, why not think like a bee, create a beehive that is not only aesthetically appealing but it is also very functional as it will guarantee maximum proficiency between the houses.

Dancing House

A very strange and unique house in Prague, Czech Republic, it looks like a couple forever locked in dance, and it is simply physics-defiant. However, it is very well made and it offers the same comfort and practicality that a regular house would offer. The only thing you have to be careful with is that you do not forget where you live.

The Stone House

Back to the very core basics, making a house in a huge rock is hard but it will pay off in the end. It is very durable and it is easy to maintain it. Moreover, you can be sure that nothing bad will happen to your home.

However, you will have to keep in mind that adding extra structures is out of the question, and that what you have will have to suffice.

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