How To Make Your Own Braun Cleaning Solution At Home

Most man start growing facial hair and body hair once they hit puberty. For some it’s a pleasant experience. A nice and stylish beard can make a man look stunning and mature. But a poorly maintained beard looks bad and is a major turnoff for the opposite sex.

Most men who maintain a beard use an electric beard trimmer to trim and shape their beards. Some do it on a weekly basis whereas some men do it on a monthly basis. Nowadays most people also use a trimmer to shape and style their body hair. The same goes for women although they use trimmers with softer blades for their needs. Instant Grooming says that the products made by Braun are some of the finest styling products in the market and are popular all over the world.

How To Make Your Own Braun Cleaning Solution At Home

Shaver care

Each time a trimmer or shaver is used, it needs to be cleaned. Bits of shaved hair end up in its insides and all over the blades. While using a small brush is enough to clear the blade it may not reach the joints and nooks of the shaver. Over time the amount of hair builds up and can jam or lead to breakdowns of the machine. So shaver care is of the utmost importance. One needs to take out the blade or attachment and use the little brush to brush off most of the waste. Then you spread a few drops of the cleaning fluid given with the shaver to clean the parts the brush can’t reach. It also helps to delay formation rust on the motor parts and keeping them clean. For more information on shaver care you can have a look on this article of Instant Grooming.

Most times companies give a very small or limited amount of this cleaning fluid and it gets over in the blink of an eye for someone who uses the machine regularly. Then you have to get replacements as water does more harm than good. These replacements of your best Braun shaver are again as small as the originals and cost a pretty penny.

Home Solution

  • The first trick is to use plain rubbing alcohol in place of the solution.
  • The second trick is to use cheap clear alcohol like vodka or gin. These have ethanol and are cheaper than most alternatives.
  • But alcohol can dry some parts. So a couple of drops of machine oil preferably of the lighter type can help in keeping the machine lubricated after the alcohol cleans it.

To make the Braun cleaning solution, use the below steps.

  • Put in 8-10 teaspoons of distilled water (50 ml). Remember to use distilled water only. Regular water may have dissolved minerals in it and may leave deposits on the blades and machine parts once the alcohol used evaporates.
  • Pour around 300 ml of alcohol into the cup.
  • First put in 2 teaspoon of glycerin if you have it around 10 ml. Glycerin helps in lubricating the blades better as it is more viscous than alcohol.
  • If you want to give your mixture a pleasant smell you can add a few drops of lemon oil to it. You can also use clove oil for a stronger smell.

Putting the solution on the shaver.

If you are using a cleaning station, then you will have to fill in the cartridge with the solution. Remember not to fill it up completely as it may spill over when moved. The solution can rust the blades if left standing for a long time.

In case you are not using the cleaning station or using any other shavers than Braun, you can use a dropper to clean the shaver.

At the end of the day a clean shaver gives a smooth trim and prevents infections on face.

Written by Denis Lubojanski, Author of Instant Grooming

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