How To Prepare For Bikini Waxing

Most people will tell you that going for Bikini waxing for the first time is not bread and butter. The good thing with waxing is that it produces long lasting results in comparison to shaving. Therefore, it is an excellent option for the summer months when no one wants to get near the razor. However, it is wise to know what you are about to get into early enough so that you can be able to overcome it faster.

First, you should allow the hair to grow up to about a quarter an inch before you can think of going for waxing. Shaving is a common mistake that individuals make before going for waxing. The wax cannot pick up any hairs that are too low. Just leave the hair alone especially if you are not sure of how long it is. You can book the appointment beforehand so that the waxing expert can evaluate the size of your hair and advice you accordingly.

How To Prepare For Bikini Waxing

You also have to determine the type of waxing you require beforehand. A simple bikini waxing will only take off the pubic hair from the sides. The Brazilian waxing removes nearly all the hair from the back to the front. You can also go for a full-bush Brazilian that takes away all the hair from the back and vulva but leaves behind a triangle in the front section. Think about the desired results and share with the waxing expert before he begins the process.

The patient should also look at the time of the month. Don’t go for waxing close to three days before your periods. The reason is that the skin tends to be highly sensitive at this point. You also need to take a shower on that day. It will help you reduce your self-consciousness and this will ease the work of the hair removal expert.

Be prepared because you will have to fully expose your lower half. The waxing professional will expect you to strip off your underwear and pants. Some salons have disposable underwear that you can use for simple bikini waxing. However, you will have to remain fully naked especially if you will be removing all the pubic hair. Remember that your pubic area is just one among the hundreds that your waxer sees. There is no need to worry about exposing your pubic area because it is normal business to her.

Let no one cheat you of a waxing experience that is totally pain-free or virtually painless. The truth of the matter is that you will experience some pain as you are uprooting the hair from the roots. What a goura waxing does is that they try their level best to minimize this pain. However, the pain reduces over time and all you need to do is get used to the process. You will only regret why you chose to go for the Bikini Waxing if you don’t prepare well. Having the right preparation in place will give you an excellent experience and top-notch results.

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