Shaping The Future Of Sustainable Energy Through 3 Blades

We are living in a volatile age – rapid population spurts, urbanization, and our attraction towards the modern lifestyle has for long been taking a toll on our planet. With each passing day, our energy reserves are shrinking. If we continue to advance in this direction and do not resort to sustainable means of living, we will have nothing to give to the upcoming generations. Thankfully, the increasing awareness on this issue has been taken up seriously by people around the world, and they are coming forward to change the world for the better.

Founded in the year 2012, Atomberg Technologies was the ‘dream’ of a group of fresh graduates from IIT Bombay. It was the starting point, the foundation on which they could pave the way towards a sustainable future. The aim was to develop energy efficient home appliances that would deliver excellent performance while helping to save a lot of energy.

After almost three years of hard labor and R&D, Atomberg launched the most energy efficient fan in India – the Gorilla fan – in 2015. It became a massive hit in the Indian fan market. The breakthrough ingredient of this unique product was the BLDC motor. The best thing about the BLDC motor is that it is extremely energy efficient. Furthermore, the use of this motor makes the fan lightweight, thus, escalating its service value to the highest efficiency.

Shaping The Future Of Sustainable Energy Through 3 Blades

There are two kinds of DC motors – brushed and brushless. A brushless DC motor (BLDC) has numerous advantages over its brushes counterpart. It generates higher torque per watt, has a higher torque to weight ratio, and is much more reliable than a brushed DC motor. Moreover, since the windings of the BLDC motor is enclosed within the motor housing, these fans cool down by conduction, and the internal motor parts remain protected from dirt and dust.

Some other cool features of the Atomberg Gorilla fans:

  • No humming noise or vibration
  • Three aerodynamically enhanced blades
  • Stable and consistent performance even during voltage fluctuations
  • Do not get heated up even after running for a prolonged time
  • Run three times longer on inverter increasing the battery life
  • Available in three elegant shades – white, ivory, and brown
  • Come with a three-year warranty

All Gorilla fans come with a smart remote having features such as the Timer, Sleep, and Boost mode. While the Timer allows you to set a turn off time for the fan, the Sleep mode will gradually reduce the fan speed during the night, when you are fast asleep. These features help greatly in saving energy. In fact, Gorilla fans can cut down your power consumption by almost 65%, meaning that you can save up to Rs. 1,000-1,500 annually!

But Gorilla fans is just the tip of the iceberg. We, at Atomberg, do not wish to rest until we have considerably changed the face of the domestic appliance market in India. With an aim to solve India’s energy crisis, we have already invested all our resources and time into the development of intelligent and energy-efficient products. So, there’s more to come!

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