How To Tell If Your Shoe Fits?

At times, you might assume that the shoe you’ve been wearing for the past three months provide just the fit you were looking for. However, a mild ache has started to envelope your feet. Even mild but chronic pain in the feet can be an indicator of upcoming issues such as arthritis, diabetes, and circulatory disorders. Therefore, it is important to check thoroughly if the shoes you wear every day fit you well or not. Plus, if you want to hit the right pair in one go, Air Jordan is the brand to go for. They are today sponsors to nearly 21 NBA players and Paris Saint-German. You can find cheap Jordan shoes at But first, here, we have curated some pointers to help you understand the fit of your shoe.

  1. For knowing your shoe dimensions the professional way, always use a bannock. It is the instrument used by almost all shoe stores, and it will give you accurate results. Plus, get this measurement done at the end of the day when your feet are largest. This will give your feet room to breathe later.
  2. More often than now, all of us have one foot which is larger than the other. Therefore, it is advised to try out the shoe at the larger foot.
  3. Trust the feel and your instincts more than the marked sizes. If the shoe size is right but they fail to make your feet feel comfortable, don’t buy the pair.
  4. Check if your feet are arched, mildly arched, or flat foot and but a pair which conforms to the shape of your foot.
  5. When you are trying the shoe on, make sure there is enough space between your longest toe and the front end of the shoe to let your foot breathe.
  6. The ball of your foot is highly vulnerable to joint pain. So, always check is it is settled in the widest portion of the shoe for stability and comfort.
  7. Expecting that the shoe will open up to accommodate your feet as you use it. Always buy the shoes which fit you well when new and are not tight, to begin with also.
  8. The Achilles notch of the foot should hug your heel comfortably and firm enough. Your heel should not slide up and down when you are walking in them. Don’t hesitate to walk in the shoes for a bit to check if the fit is perfect.
  9. The upper part of the shoe can be either made up of wired mesh or leather. However, what you are looking for here is flexibility. The outer part of the shoe should encase your feet comfortably and conform to the shape of your feet well.
  10. The last thing you need to know is that the UK, US, and European sizes are different. When shopping for shoes, you should always get the size checked according to the brand you are buying with, which can come from various parts of the world.

There you go! Now you can check if the shoe you are planning to buy fits you right and avoid a ton of health issues.

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