How To Wax Our Cars Properly?

There are many techniques car owners use to increase the luster of their car. Waxing is one of those methods, but unfortunately we could make a number of mistakes. It’s perfectly possible that waxing could actually ruin the beauty of our car, instead of improving it. Car owners should know ways to improve the look of their cars properly. In general, car waxing is a method to apply a thin layer of wax, which is made of polymers and different types of oils.

The polish should reflect the sunlight, giving the car a sleek shine. Many people are enthusiastic with the look of their cars, so they regularly polish them, because the method is relatively affordable. In many cases, car waxing is considered as one of the most essential methods in treating cars. If we are properly prepared, car waxing shouldn’t be a tedious job. In general, we should know about basic knowledge and necessary products to wax the car.

How To Wax Our Cars Properly

Before starting to wax the car, we should understand a bit more about car waxing. The shine it produces could depend on the quality of the underlying paint and the wax itself. Therefore, we should choose wax produced by credible manufacturers that regularly offer high-end waxing products. Many low-cost wax products are relatively affordable, but they could immediately lose sparkle in just a couple of days.

This could cause us to wax the car more frequently, which really negates the initial cost advantage. In fact, some waxing products at higher quality are actually a cheaper alternative. Car wax comes at different forms, paste and liquid. Each of them has unique advantages. In general, paste could give us better shine, while the liquid wax is easier to use.

In any case, we should read instructions given by the manufacturer to make sure that we are using the product properly. As an example, some types of car waxing products require a buffer with the paint.

There are a number of precautionary steps before we wax the car. The most important thing is probably to thoroughly wash the car to remove dirt and smudges on the exterior. If some dirt is still present when we wax the car, it is possible that we will rub it on the car’s surface. This could potentially produce some fine scratch. If there are some scratches on the surface, we should use polishing compound to repair them.

Getting rid of the wax could be a difficult process. Old wax could seep into crevices of the car, so it’s necessary to cover them with a tape, to prevent further seepage.

Before the actual waxing process, we should wipe the car dry and make sure there are no spots or dust lines caused by improper drying. During the actual waxing procedure, we should use proper amount of wax. Wax should be applied in straight line, instead of circular movements. After the waxing process is finished, we could wait for a while until it turns into an opaque haze. The next step is to wipe the wax to produce the kind of shine that we want.

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