Is The Current iPhone A Fingerprint Magnet and Will That Continue To iPhone 9

But if the unit is still out of hand, then on the back (and front) side you will notice the appearance of fingerprints. Availability oleo phobic qualities to question will not be, but one thing is clear: if at least one time to hold the phone in his hand, he will no longer look exactly the way you got it out of the box. We got a newfangled iPhone 9 release date – matte black. Unfortunately, the “black onyx” did not deliver, but even in the United States today there are big problems with its accessibility. Meanwhile, the black iPhone, which we last saw in the days of the iPhone 5 looks sexy nowhere. Perhaps this is a manifestation, but when you hold it without feeling that you take into the hands of a true work of art. And in the hands of us, believe me, a lot of things already hold.

Is The Current iPhone A Fingerprint Magnet and Will That Continue To iPhone 9

In addition to the new color, iPhone 9 looks different from the iPhone 8 and modified significantly enhanced camera that will continue to stick out from the body, although it is now making more smoothly. The changes also affected the lower part of the body, where instead of the ill-fated placed second speaker grille. As we found out from the experts iFixit, this grill is there only for visual symmetry, and no extra speaker behind it is not hidden. Perhaps these foreign unique iPhones 9 is limited. So if you are thinking of buying – in the early days it is better not to wear smart cover. Let everyone know that you just “seven” and not limited model. By the way, in addition to matte black in the line also introduced silver, gold, “Rose Gold” and the same “black onyx”. The colors of the “gray space” in the model number is not 7 iPhone.

Finally, we have waited for this: from the iPhone lineup missing 16-gigabyte version. Indeed, pictures and videos weigh more, as well as from the App Store, which cannot but arouse sad feelings from the owners of low-end models. But with 32 gigabytes in the minimum version already have a place to turn. If this is not enough, you can also purchase a 128- or 256-gigabyte model. In comparison to last year in terms of a cellular communication module touched the iPhone 9 enhancements. Now you can upload files for even faster LTE, because the data transfer rate increased to 450 Mbit / s. The rest remains unchanged: Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n /, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC.

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