Make Heavy Items Mobile By Using Casters

Both your home and your workshop have a lot of heavy furniture and objects which are both difficult to move around and difficult to shift from house to house as you move. What you really need is a good set of casters.

Home Furnishings and Casters

Large recliners, big coffee tables, and deep bookshelves are all easily rearrangeable with caster wheels. You are able to move your living room furniture around, even the really big, heavy objects, by putting wheels on the bottom of large pieces. The wheels will also be small enough that they will not leave any large indentations in the carpet. Perfect for every scenario.

You don’t need large wheels to get the job done. Simple use small caster wheels and put them on the underside of large, bulky pieces of furniture to make them easier to move and manipulate without using more than one person to do it. Caster wheels make your home safer, as well.

Workshop Tables and Toolsets with Casters

Workshops need a lot of tables, table saws, shelving and tool organizers. These large pieces of equipment and workshop furniture will really be easily manipulated around your workspace with high-quality caster wheels.

Some of the best casters to use are the Colson Series 1 wheel sets. They are small, hardy, and extremely durable. Colson is known for this, actually. You will need washers to manage the extended threading and you are ready to go! Another reason to use Colson is that the company is known for casters which work really well in both high heat and extreme cold settings.

High-End Buffet Tables with Casters

In your great room, your living room or your formal dining room, a nice, large buffet table is necessary to make sure that your food is spread out and easily available to each guest. You can entertain easily and efficiently by even making your quality buffet tables movable with caster wheels.

You can simply put casters on your buffet table so that you can move it when you need to rearrange your furniture for a large crowd. However, something more mobile may need to be used. In this case, you can use your casters to wheel your buffet tables between the kitchen and the dining area, giving a restaurant level of care in your own home. Talk about quality.

Organizers, File Cabinets, and Casters

Large file cabinets in the office, organizers in the home office, and large filing systems can be made more usable by putting them on wheels. There will be many times when you need to move multiple files around and putting the file cabinet on wheels can actually prevent you from having to stack up two or three-foot stacks of paperwork at a time. Simply wheel the cabinet into the next room, get comfy in your favorite chair, and go through the paperwork one file at a time. Easy peasy.

Colson casters come in many sizes and you can customize your needs with different sets of wheels. Make sure that you use the proper hardware and that the base is flush with the bottom of your furniture. Notice how well these casters work in both hot and cold weather, year-round, without rusting. This is how you control and move your heavy objects without tearing up your floor or your back. Happy moving!

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