MCA- One Of The New Generation Courses That Ensure Bright Future

Although, most of the new generation may not be aware about a time when there were only a handful of professional courses. However, the developments in the science and technology and the adoption of globalization policy by many nations brought in tremendous changes in the educational sector. Many new professional courses have been introduced and most of them have become very popular among the student community as they ensure a bright future. MCA or Masters Degree in Computer Application is one such course.

Course Details

MCA is a three year course, which has been divided into six semesters. The details of subjects taught in various semesters are as follows.

  • First year, First semester: – Computer organization and architecture, Programming in C, Software Engineering and multimedia systems are the four theory classes covered in this semester. Apart from these, there will be soft skill and four lab sessions such as programming in C, Flash and Photoshop lab and Productivity software lab.
  • First year, Second Semester: – Four theory classes, which cover microprocessor based system designing, object oriented data and concepts, programming in C++ and business mathematics will be covered in this semester. There is one soft skill test also apart from three lab sessions such as microprocessor lab, C++ lab and Visual basic lab.

MCA- One Of The New Generation Courses That Ensure Bright Future

  • Second year, Third Semester: – This semester contains core theory classes on operating system and UNIX, web technology, programming in JAVA and financial and management accounting. There will be three different lab sessions such as JAVA lab, web technology lab and OS lab.
  • Second year, Fourth Semester: – Computer network, computer graphics and software testing and quality assurance will be covered in this semester. Core theory classes about network security, mobile computing, management information system and organizational behavior are also included in this semester. Software development lab, DBMS lab and the graphics lab are also included.
  • Third year, Fifth Semester: – Core theory classes on relational database systems, Introduction to PHP MYSQ, .net technology data mining and data warehousing are the major parts of this semester. There will be labs also such as RDBMS, PHP lab, net lab, etc. Students will be entrusted with mini projects also during this semester.
  • Third year, Sixth Semester: – This entire semester is for the main project and one who gets succeeded in this will be awarded with the master’s degree in computer application.

Various universities and institutions offer admission based on the result of an entrance examination. There are various institutes offering coaching for MCA in various parts in India. At a time when India is fast becoming the most sought after information technology hub in the world, the opportunities for MCA holders will be more. Realizing this fact, more and more students are opting for this course, and thus, the examination has become more competitive. Hence, you need to go with a professional training institute. There are many highly professional coaching institutes in Rohini for MCA, which are offering the best coaching. Similar institutes can be found in other towns and cities too in India nowadays.

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