Men’s Wedding Fashions To Suit The Occasion

If there’s ever a time a guy wants to look confident yet feel comfortable and at ease, it’s on his wedding day. Although a groom’s attire should coincide with the type of wedding he’s having and the wedding destination, that doesn’t mean he should compromise on personal preference and style.

At one time, the tuxedo was considered the uniform of choice for grooms, especially in formal evening wedding settings. Today’s groom, however, is willing to look far beyond the tuxedo option to create the wedding look he desires.

Formal Attire for Formal Affairs

Formal church weddings call for formal attire to suit the occasion. Both groom and groomsmen are expected to look well polished and their attire should align with the formality of the occasion. If the ceremony is being held in the evening, a tuxedo is the preferred choice of outfit. A well-fitted tuxedo jacket combined with a white formal shirt, black vest, black tie and flat-front slacks will have the groom turning heads on all sides.

It’s also acceptable for grooms or groomsmen to infuse a little color into the tuxedo ensemble by choosing a colored shirt or tie. Many grooms prefer to keep the classic black and white look to distinguish them from groomsmen who have adopted some color in their attire.

Men's Wedding Fashions To Suit The Occasion

Suits are Well Suited for Casual Affairs

For beach, park or garden weddings or other casual destinations, suits provide a welcomed change from tuxedos for groom and groomsmen alike. According to Jennifer Hronek, owner of the wedding consulting firm Joie de Vivre in California, linen suits give grooms and their groomsmen flexibility to mix and match colors and styles. It also enables them to invest in clothing they can wear for other occasions.

When shopping for a wedding suit, stick with formal wear shops for quality and style. Classic suits are always trendy to wear for weddings. To enhance aesthetic appearance, grooms should ensure their suit compliments their build. Slim fitting single-breasted suits are more appropriate for lean fellows, while the European cut is better suited for men with larger builds.

If you’re going with matching colors, make sure the groom’s suit is either a shade lighter or darker than the groomsmen so he will stand out from the crowd. For continuity, groom and groomsmen can have the same color shirt and matching tie.

Dress Shirts for the Occasion

Selecting the appropriate dress shirt for a suit or tuxedo is important to the groom’s overall presentation. When making your shirt selection, consider these four aspects:

  • color
  • fabric
  • fit
  • style

Formal weddings require a posh dress shirt that rises to the occasion, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be white. The fabric of your shirt should be of the same grade as the rest of your attire. Formal shirts should fit comfortably and look sharp when worn under your tuxedo or suit jacket. For casual weddings, you may prefer a more casual shirt style, such as a trendy cuban Guayabera that hangs nicely over your pants and lets you move about comfortably.

Craftsmanship is a must when choosing a wedding shirt, from the cut and design to the stitching to the Mother-of-Pearl buttons. Formal dress shirts for a suit or tuxedo should be of silk or linen fabric. For more casual shirt styles, perma-press cotton or polyester will do to give you greater comfort, especially if your wedding is held outdoors in a warm climate.

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