New Beauty Sleep Routine: 1.74 High Index Replacement Lenses

When you’re a kid, you fight with your parents to extend your bedtime to a later so that you can have an extra hour of partying or video games. Perhaps your parents would allow you to stay up later if your winning argument were to have them buy you 1.74 high index replacement lenses from Payne Glasses where those reflective blue lights didn’t harm your sleep… Nonetheless, when you’re older, you have developed a loving relationship with sleep but find that you don’t get enough of it as you would have hoped. It’s understandable that you may have certain factors in your life that resist your desire for improved sleep, such as children, a parent that you have to take care of or the graveyard shift at the hospital. However, there’s no time like now than to create a bedtime routine for yourself that can improve your sleep hygiene and result in better long-term health.

New Beauty Sleep Routine: 1.74 High Index Replacement Lenses

When did a study in 2016 asking over 300 readers to answer a poll that inquired about which two activities people do before sleep, the large majority answered that they surf the internet and watch TV. In third place with less than half of the votes that were rendered for surfing the internet, people answered that they read a paper book. Although Payne Glasses’ 1.74 high index replacement lenses can make for the best inexpensive pair of reading glasses for your favourite bedtime book, as well as the makeshift miracle solution to your surfing the internet, the best sleep comes from making a routine out of it. This is because a regular pattern can condition your mind and body to get prepared for the restful sleep states.

Apart from turning off your desktop e-mail alerts and smartphone since the blue light can imitate daytime, thus stimulating wakefulness in your brain, you should read a light book. You can also journal, which is proven to aid in stress management. Sometimes looming thoughts in your mind can make you feel scared and alone if you feel like there’s no one you can confide in, therefore writing them all down before bed can be cathartic. Strangely enough, it’s as if you no longer have to hold onto all those worries when you write them down, almost making them vanish before bedtime. You’ll also feel heard. Instead of keeping the thoughts locked up in your mind, they have materializing beneath your pen and you are safe to sleep in comfort away from those horrendous, nightmarish worries.

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