Pallavi Chhelavda Offers The Best Vaastu Tips For Peace In Home

Vaastu is basically a Hindu philosophy or residential science of balancing energy. The basic meaning of Vaastu is house or residence where people live with family and relatives peacefully. As per Pallavi Chhelavda a distinguished Vastu Shatra consultant that problems related misbalance of Vaastu of your residence may create some unwanted situation and unlucky incidence or accident, which hinders peaceful life.

People who buy flats, used, or resold house faces more Vaastu related problems. A flat or a house, which is already constructed, cannot be reconstructed following Vaastu directives. Therefore, doing some minor internal modification or changes might result balance of Vaastu and result refinements of your home.

Vaastu philosophy states that it is possible to achieve peace in home by a person and up gradation of his standard of living by a practice of Vaastu philosophy. Vaastu directs certain ways and means as well as suitable manipulation and organisation of the five fundamental physical matters that surround residential biosphere of a person. These five matters are soil or earth, water, fire, air and sky. In Sanskritversion  they are called as Khiti, op, ten, Moruth and Baume.

Pallavi Chhelavda Offers The Best Vaastu Tips For Peace In Home

A lot of people now a day believes that by following Vaastu philosophy properly peaceful life of a person can be achieved permanently.

What are the tips to be followed to maintain peaceful home and life?

The ten tips to achieve peaceful home environment are:

  • At the entrance of your house if there is a wall then don’t keep it blank. The blank wall is a sign of loneliness and grief which has a negative significance and hence not desirable. The wall should be painted and decorated by drawing a portrait of Hindu god or goddess of destiny. This will bring fortune, success, and ultimate peace in your home life.
  • Practice meditation regularly facing North- East direction. This is an auspicious practice and brings peace to the home.
  • On the wall located at North- East direction fix a portrait of a road going all the way to the horizon. This will improve and empower your ability of anticipation and maintain the peaceful life.
  • On the wall in South – West direction fix a photograph or paint a picture of a big and beautiful sunflower. The Florida based famous Vastu consultant Pallavi Chhelavda says that alternatively, you can fix any colourful photograph with frames coloured yellow or golden. This will bring happiness and peace of mind of your family members as per Vaastu philosophy.
  • Fix a picture of rising sun on the eastern wall. This is favourable to destiny and peace.
  • Relocate the reading desk of your children towards east. They will be definitely improving academically and shall be successful in their studies.
  • Husband-wife while sleeping together, a wife should occupy the eastern side. This will improve their conjugate life. This will also help in maintaining the peaceful home life.
  • Prevent from storing unnecessary belongings under the bed. This will make your daily life smooth and peaceful.
  • Don’t use deep colour shed in painting your bedroom walls. Use light colour shed .This will maintain peace in your family, improve your mental peace, and provide healthy life.
  • Keep any type of indoor plant in your bathroom. This will drive away the negative energy from your house and home will be full of joy and happiness.

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