Psychics and Skeptics

Every psychic will tell you, “Everyone is an expert.” And to most people, a fair amount of skepticism will make you into an expert. It’s not fair, but then no one ever said it would be. Life’s like that.

If you’re not in love with your psychic, but you still want to take a fair look at what she’s doing for you, keep these 10 points in mind. If you are a psychic (or want to become one) read on. Acceptance of psychic abilities, phenomena and truth is not easy. These 10 points are intended to put some balance in with your healthy skepticism.

1. No amount of scientific proof is ever going to convince most people. Skepticism is strong enough to deny climate change, and it’s enough to dissuade lots of open minds. Don’t worry about it.

2. Silence is golden. Most skeptics just want to sound smart, saying something. Almost anything will do. You know, perhaps better than they do, that smart people can and do learn. Their fires don’t generally require any more fuel and mostly what you’ll do is add fuel. Don’t bother.

3. It’s a big world. Learning and studying should expose you to more – and more expert – people. Like all leaders, psychics are often reluctant to lead. But find some and follow. Learn everything you can from the best people you can find, and you’ll be sharpening your skills and awareness at the same time.

4. Life is not a Carnival. Forget about showing off. You may want to occasionally display your prowess, and getting a good public reputation never hurts. But remember, being a psychic takes a lot of energy and often as not, that’s not the best time to be out in public anyway. Keep yourself together, and only in public when it’s for the public good.

5. Don’t be intimidated. Not by anyone. Not ever. These pseudo-skeptics are often just bullying cowards. Don’t give in. Focus on the positive, and keep your focus there. Any clouding of your judgment is just going to cloud the rest of you. Radiating positivity is your job, too. So don’t give in to dark clouds just cause they’re noisy.

Psychics and Skeptics

6. Get the right support. Take it from your loved ones and from your community. The psychic community is big enough and reaching out to some of us will usually get you an incredibly warm welcoming response. Use it and remind yourself, that you’ve got to be strong to keep everyone else strong. We’re all in this together. And see number 12 below.

7. Traditional science has never disproven an afterlife or the power of faith and belief. There are a lot of things that have never been disproven. Intuitive knowledge is just a beginning. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics have opened up a whole new universe of possibilities where all kinds of things are possible. But…

8. Don’t rely on belief too much. Generally, you’ll find (when you’re being skeptical) that people who rely on belief too much sew mostly doubt. Instead, understand the difference between faith and belief. Faith is like acceptance without necessarily believing. It doesn’t require you to make blind commitments or statements. Faith is what you end up with when you give up on belief. And it works wonders.

9. Skeptics are often entertainers. Really public displays meant to disprove psychic abilities are almost always primarily meant to show “the man behind the curtain.” This new trend in magic shows is intended for supposedly serious and better-educated audiences. They’re as entertained by being let in on the magicians’ secrets as by the magic itself. Remember, it’s just another show. And it’s usually as far from science as is the psychic (or magician) being debunked.

10. Skeptics are not the enemy. Often they are just lost. Sometimes they are really suffering which is often the case with bullies and big mouths, but in any event, getting angry is not usually going to be in your best interest. Keep cool. Radiate positivity – and faith. If someone hurts you, it’s OK to get hurt. But don’t stay hurt. That leads to anger. Be compassionate with yourself first and then with everyone else too. That still leaves you lot’s of room (and strength) to take care of yourself.

Remember, too, if everyone automatically “believed” in psychic abilities, they’d be a lot less interesting. Learning to not believe is just like learning to believe and some psychics are the most skeptical people you will run across. Learn from them just like you learn from yourself!

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This article was written by james t. James is a freelance writer working out of Mexico City, where they have quite a few psychics, actually.

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