Put an End To The Classroom Fuss

Days are gone where students rush to scribble down every point uttered by the lecturer. The students may not grasp the entire information if the topic is complex. You may not note down every single point of the long and tedious lectures. There are good chances that you may end up writing broken sentences and scribbling, which make it difficult for you to even identify the language written in it! The evolution of lecture recording devices has put an end to this fuss created in the class rooms.

Put an End To The Classroom Fuss


When you select the lecture recording device, pay close attention to the following features:

  • Recording capacity: The recording device is expected to have memory, which is sufficient to record full class lecture. It should have memory expansion capabilities.
  • Recording sensitivity: Every recorder doesn’t yield the same output! The recorder should be capable of picking the voices from a reasonable distance.
  • Background cancellation: You can’t expect a class without the background scores! The light snoring sound caught on the recorder can spoil the entire lecture. An ideal recorder facilitates you to reduce the peripheral noises.
  • Size: Who wants to purchase a device which is too difficult to operate or handle? The modern recorders have successfully resolved the issue of chunkiness. They are designed to be compact and lighter in weight.

Tips to consider:

  • If you are a student who is willing to carry this recorder with you, we suggest you to know the stand of your school or college in this aspect.
  • The recorder has to be installed at a place closer to the lecturer. Failing to do so can result in poor quality of the output.
  • This device shouldn’t create any noise while operating. It shouldn’t cause any sort of distraction in the classroom.
  • Never ever forget to save the video and make necessary backups. In general, we can find the modern devices, which saves the recordings automatically.

Using the recorded lecture:

  • Never delay to listen: Listen to the recorded lectures as soon as possible. Procrastinating in this context can only increase your doubts. Make it a habit that you listen to the lecture within a day after recording it.
  • Transcribe: Listen to the recorded lecture and convert it into text. This process is termed as transcribing. This text would serve as a great backup to your class notes. The comparison between these two texts can clarify your doubts. This can also help you to build organized notes. You don’t have to worry even if the lectures are deleted when you have the transcribed notes.
  • Effective study tool: Varied collection of lectures can be handy at the time of exams. Apart from clarifying your doubts, the recordings can also compensate for the classes you missed out.
  • Be cautious while posting to internet: It is not advisable for an individual to post the lectures to internet without obtaining permissions from the university. There are many regulations which have to be taken care regarding the recorded lectures.

You have to be cautious while dealing with the installation and servicing of the recording device. Stick to the guidelines of the instruction manual. Keep yourself updated about the lecture recording software applications.

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