Best Websites To Kick Start Your Freelance Writing Online Career

Freelance writer jobs have become popular in recent times following the rapid rise of information sharing and the ever emerging e-commerce platforms. Modern college students supplement their school budget with a few bucks they earn from the freelance market.

In the freelance market, jobs keep on coming day in day out, as many businesses continue setting up new websites and require content. Elsewhere, there are students stuck with assignments and need help. A company is scrapping its websites and needs a top notch designer and programmer. In short there are many jobs online. Once you define the path you want to follow, you can do a lot and achieve greatness working online. Below we list the top websites and marketplaces that offer writer job from home to help you start and grow your freelance career.

Best Websites To Kick Start Your Freelance Writing Online Career


Previously known as GetAFreelancer, this online job market provides over 100 different types of jobs. Whether you have IT skills, programming, coding, analysis, design, writing, etc. you surely will not miss a few tasks to keep you busy all day. The website has a unique and simple to use interface rendering navigation from one page to another effortless. Freelancer helps to connect writers with top clients, and others end up having permanent jobs. Freelancer is a great site to start your freelance career and expand your online career.


Upwork is a big top marketplace for the best and majority of online tasks. Just like Freelancer, Upwork offers endless jobs done online. This website has over 5 million writers globally and has a flexible payment system. Upwork allows you to interact and communicate directly with your clients: this way you can create lasting contacts with customers offering endless jobs. The pay is not that good, but it is better than none and depends on the kind of clients you have. Some pay more others less, but majority pay averagely.


Elance, in fact, is a similar company to Upwork, and is the best for outsourcing work or finding jobs. You bid on advertised projects, and once your bid is accepted, you work on the project. The pay is good but again will depend on the type and nature of jobs and clients.


While many people overlook Craiglist, it is one of the best marketplaces where you can get writer job from home easily. Craiglist makes it easier to network people of a local community hence giving them an opportunity to work with clients closer to them. Additionally, you can look around the site and find countless jobs to do from clients, individuals, and websites.


An initiative of the creative mind of Seth Godin, this interesting site has a great community of writers and an untouchable platform that make it easier for people without blogs or websites to start earning writing online. Squidoo has a natural interface that allows users to create quick ‘packages’ about any subject you would love to tackle. Squidoo markets your ‘deliveries’ via AdSense, eBay, Amazon and other advertising platforms where you can earn passive income through writing.


Constant-Content is a leading article marketplace for serious freelance writers wanting to earn constant and regular money. The site uses the services of extremely qualified writers who demand the top dollar per piece. An article sells for $100 and more. Though this marketplace has a strict editorial process, their ever rising demand for more content and their constant output of high-end work makes it the haven for freelance article writers.

Why you should Work Online

If you are looking for the easiest and best ways to earn writing online, these six sites can help germinate your career into a full fruit plant within a short period. When the time comes for you to harvest the fruits, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Working online offers you some great sense of flexibility and leadership. You are mandated to manage your own time properly and expected to deliver quality results. Also, you earn money handling a few writing tasks meaning you can make more depending on your output. All you need to do to succeed in this competitive online landscape is to complete your profile and make is as attractive as possible.

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