Starting from 8th June 2015, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) removed the requirement for UK’s driver’s license paper part instead replacing it with a paperless option. This was followed by speculations especially from the media, reporting that car rental dubai process would become difficult thus causing many travelers to be unable to collect their vehicles and become stranded.


This was however untrue and based on misunderstandings.

We have compiled a question and answer list with car hire reservation department on how these changes have affected our clients, with their role responding to emails and calls from clients. They were able to provide a number of questions asked as well as a list of answers that best paints a picture of things as far as paperless driving license is concerned.

Question: – What specifically worries the customers?

Answer: – Many customers have been confused by the media reports forecasting issues thus leaving a big percentage confused and in panic. The fact is that the media reports have misrepresented the truth and do not really reflect on the real issues as described.

Question: – How are car hire customers affected by these changes?

Answer: – In most cases, they won’t. We have been in touch with all the car hire suppliers we work with in different travel destinations and they have confirmed that this change does not affect anything. Some of them said they never considered the paper part in the past

Question: – So, how really will it affect the customers?

Answer: – UK clients picking up rental cars from UK location should supply the code given to them by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The code is accessible through their site, The website also provides the necessary guidelines on how to get what is required.

Question:  – What steps should I take if I have the paper version of my license and am yet to change to the card version?

Answer: – Your paper version of the license will still be legitimate and useful until it expires.

Question: – Those customers who are still worried about these changes, what advice would you offer them?

Answer: -I would tell them not to be worried but instead bring with them their now old paper version while at the same time downloading their code from the DVLA website. This way they will be better covered and avoid any issues likely to occur. The two will offer 100% preparedness during the pickup time. We will also issue updates and newsletters in case there are any changes affecting the suppliers we work with.

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