Revealing Some Truths About International Tax and Investment Center

Millions of people across the world consume tobacco. The health implications caused by tobacco are well-known and still its consumption is not decreasing. Many blame the tobacco lobbying companies for the miserable situation. However, these companies are also quick to deny the same. In this blame game, it sometimes happens that an organization gets associated with tobacco wrongly. International Tax and Investment Center is one such non-profit organization, which is facing the heat. Framed as the International Tax and Investment Center Tobacco , the NGO has no connection to tobacco manufacturing or involved in the sale of tobacco products.

Revealing Some Truths About International Tax and Investment Center

With its headquarters in the Washington DC, International Tax and Investment Center is accused repeatedly of derailing the WHO’s tax provisions on some tobacco products. This is wrong as the organization is continuously working over the years for promoting tax reforms across the world. In fact, the organization has a global presence with its offices and affiliates in multiple countries like Myanmar, Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Iraq, and many more. It also executes an array of initiatives both public and private. It makes no sense to accuse such a prestigious organization as doing some work, which is outrageously going to affect the health of millions.

No Secret Pro-tobacco Program

According to some reports in media, the ITIC or the International Tax and Investment Center Tobacco runs a pro-tobacco program, which is entirely false. This is because if such reports are true, the government of many countries across the world will never look upon the organization for advice related to tax issues. It is impossible that any such company with a secret program to execute can have a good rapport with the government of so many countries at the same time. The NGO has started many meetings for an effective tax dialogue in plenty of countries. In short, it is highly reputed among policymakers. Nearly, all countries are running tobacco control programs and it is highly unlikely that they will associate themselves with any such organization, which has a secret pro-tobacco program.

Some people also accuse the organization as the one who has the majority of its sponsors with high stakes in the sale or promotion of tobacco products. This is also false, and the rumor is circulating despite the fact that the official website of the organization has clearly mentioned the name of its sponsors on its site. Everyone can have an easy access to the same in which it is easy to point out that most of the sponsors are from either the oil or banking sector. Still, the rumors are refusing to die!

The NGO has a huge experience in tax administration and even conducts workshops for knowledge sharing. This is to ensure that there is no problem in initiating or implementing tax reforms and in finding a solution to resolve tax issues. For those, who still have some doubt regarding the organizations work areas and services, the best solution is to visit the official site. This will surely put an end to all the speculations and false rumors.

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