Study Tips for JEE Advanced

Preparing for JEE 2019 will be beneficial for your career and days to come because having strong basics in maths, physics, and chemistry can open a lot of paths for you in the future. The JEE advanced demands an in-depth knowledge of concepts and their applications to get admitted in one of the 23 prestigious IITs.

As a candidate appearing for JEE advanced 2019, you may have concerns and doubts related to the study materials and strategies to ace the exam. To address your concerns and to put your mind at ease, here we provide you with tips to study effectively.

Know the Syllabus

Be aware of the syllabus for the exam. You can plan your study routine accordingly once you know the syllabus keeping in mind the important topics and chapters to study. Without knowing the syllabus properly, you can’t move ahead with clarity

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

The JEE Main or Advanced examiners test students year after year on the same concepts. Hence, questions do repeat! One gains confidence in solving these questions in knowing that they will be solving a similar question in the upcoming JEE exam.

Take Practise Tests

The only way you can work through to get into one of the IIT’s is by working hard and practising a lot. The myelin tissue in the brain plays an important role in helping us acquire and master skills. It has been scientifically proven that neural activities induced in the brain by practising something causes the growth of myelin – the tissue that helps us master skills.

The above listed were a few of the points to help you study effectively. Along with these tips firm dedication, consistent hard work and patience are also important. If your basics are strong enough and if you have practised yester year papers diligently then there is nothing that can stop you from scoring great marks in the exam. Hope these tips help you prepare efficiently for the upcoming JEE advanced exam. All the best!

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