The Basics Of Numerology

The science of Numerology is the study of numbers and the manner in which they unfold certain character tendencies and aptitudes. It studies people’s full names at birth, their names they relate to at present and their complete date of birth to give back some insight into who he/she is: his/her personality, forecast for future and more.

From a broader perspective, Numerology is a discipline of designs and numbers as they affect one in every area of one’s life, including intricate and seemingly insignificant details like home addresses, compatibility of relationships, phone numbers and much more. It has many practical uses in trying to understand and improve ourselves.

Significance of certain aspects

  1. Full Name (during birth) –

represents the abilities, talents, shortcomings and characteristics with which one is equipped during one’s lifetime. It is the outline of who a person is. A Numerologist looks at each of the letters in a name, order of their appearance, sum total of their numerical value along with a few other aspects to get a understanding of who that person is.

  1. The Present Name –

this reveals how one view oneself; what he/she thinks and understands him/herself to be.

  1. Date of birth –

this reveals the path a person is on, the direction of his life, the challenges and opportunities he/she encounters along the path.

Number significance

  1. The number 1 represents leadership skills, independence, courage, extraordinary determination and skill and individualistic style while on the negative side it also shows impulsiveness, domination and aggression.
  1. This number characterizes modesty, adaptability, cooperation, spiritual inclination and diplomacy while on the negative side fear, depression, self-consciousness and timidity.
  1. It shows self-expression, keen imagination and inspiration while negative traits entail exaggeration, moodiness and lack of direction.
  1. Sense of order, steady growth and struggle against odds are its positive traits while stubbornness, rigidity and opinionated is its negative sides
  1. Versatile, quick thinking, curious are the positive traits that are characterised by this number while hasty decision making, dissatisfaction and edgy temperament are the negative traits.
  1. Sense of responsibility, balance, artistic and humanitarian is the positive traits and negative traits include meddling, obstinacy and self-righteousness.
  1. People of this number have charming personalities. They are meditating, inventive, studious and a perfectionist. Negative traits include overly reserved, suspicious and sarcastic.
  1. Executive skills, good handling of authority and power and sound judgement are the positive traits. Negative traits include these people being overly ambitious, stressed and materialistic.
  1. Positive traits include friendly, humanitarian, selfless and congenial having artistic or writing talents. Negative traits are self-adulation, possessiveness, lack of focus and moodiness.

Significance of birth day in a month

The birthday day of a person in a certain month gives the energy number which holds information about that person’s traits as mentioned above. It is calculated by adding the single digits of the two digit number.

Apart from all the basics mentioned above it is important to note that Numerology is a vast field and it is necessary to know its keywords before venturing into it. Also take caution about applying the methods correctly otherwise the deductions arrive at might be severely wrong.

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