The Big Move: Packing Your Large Appliances

As you begin planning your big move and buying packaging paper for moving along with packaging paper roll and paper packaging tape, have you given thought to moving your large appliances? You may think your bigger appliances are strong and sturdy but the inner mechanisms are actually rather fragile. Knowing how to pack the appliances for the move will ensure a safe transit for them during the relocation.

Packing Large Appliances

These appliances may be cumbersome and heavy, so they require a special approach – a little more than a roll of packaging paper for moving house. Firstly, make sure you have a dolly so that you can avoid lifting and enduring backache. If you’re hiring professional movers, they’ll know what to do.

• If you’re doing the move alone, empty out the stove, fridge and dishwasher and give them a clean. Remove all movable items and accessories inside and pack them separately with moving supplies packaging paper, and place them in clearly marked boxes.
• Next, secure all the drawers and doors with paper packaging for moving house.

Item By Item

1. The Fridge

The most important thing about moving the fridge is to make sure it remains upright to avoid the risk of an oil spill from the compressor. Unplug the fridge at least 24 hours before the move, too and if the doors are heavy, consider removing them. Use paper packaging supplies to secure the door and tape it with paper packaging tape.

The Big Move: Packing Your Large Appliances

2. The Dishwasher

Empty the dishwasher and give it a run with hot water and detergent. Next, remove the removable parts like the bottom and shelves and pack them in storage boxes ready for the move. Secure the door next with plastic wrap and use tape to keep it in place.

3. The Oven

Before packing electronic appliances, always refer to the manufacturer’s manual. Again use packaging paper for moving house to secure the doors and tape them in place. If you have a gas stove, remember to turn the gas off before disconnecting the stove.

4. Laundry Appliances

Washing machines and dryers also need to be disconnected – make sure you’re familiar with how they’re connected before disconnecting them to make the set up in your new home a little easier. The manufacturer’s manual should provide instructions on how to secure these appliances before packing them up for your move.


If you are downsizing or perhaps moving in with family while your home is readied for you, consider placing your large appliances in storage. Place all moveable items in clearly marked boxes and buy sheets of packaging paper for moving house along with moving suppliers packaging tape to securely package your large appliances and keep them dust and scratch-free. You can also buy sheets of packaging paper for the move.


All it takes is proper preparation to ensure a successful move. Disconnecting and packing your appliances for a move might seem like a simple task – and it really can be. It simply takes some time and effort to follow the correct steps to ensure your appliances are not damaged during a move and are ready to function when they reach their new destination.
If you’d prefer not to risk any improper actions on your larger appliances, contact a professional moving company for a moving and packaging quote.

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