The Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling has become very famous in the United States. All around the country, especially in serious traffic, overpopulated cities, people are commenting to and from job on bicycles. Many are trying to keep money on gas, while others are simply expediting their travels. It is also pretty general for people to ride bicycles for fun, taking to the road for a fun-ride or renting bicycles in order to sight view while on vacation.

In the last ten years, many cities across the nation have reacted to this rise by crafting bike routines and specific bike lanes, installing bike racks on the front of public buses and changing bike traffic signals at busy intersections. Anyway, these advances cannot forever promise that bicyclists will be sure biking alongside passenger cars and big trucks. As more and more bicyclists take the streets, the rate of bicycle accidents is rising.

Many bicycles do now know how to rightly bike along side of passengers vehicles. The most general errors committed by bicyclists contain disregarding motor vehicle traffic signals, failing to yield to the right-of-way and riding on the shoulder facing oncoming traffic. Conversely, there are now many vehicle drivers who do not know how to safely share the road with bicyclists. Those who operate motor vehicles are liable for safety navigating the roads alongside bicyclists. Anyway, in the majority of bicycle accidents, the inattention of a motor vehicle driver is the direct cause of the accident. General driving errors contain:

  • A driver failing to yield
  • A driver under the control of alcohol or drugs
  • A driver pulling out of a driveways
  • A driver rejecting a red light or stop sign
  • A driver turning into a bicyclist

Bicyclists are saved under the same laws as motor vehicle drivers. Motor vehicle drivers must be alert of bicycle riders and treat them like any other vehicle on the road. In a split second a motor vehicle driver can cause death to a bicyclist or serious injury. If you are someone you know have been wounded in a bicycle accident,  you may need the help of a personal injury attorney in order to get just compensation for your suffering.

How to reduce your risk of bicycle accidents

As roads become more crowded, pollution issue persist,  and the cost of operating a vehicle increases, people are seeking eco-friendly and more healthier lifestyle. The number of bicyclists on the roads will likely rise and unfortunately, fatalities may as well.

Anyway, by taking safety precautions such as:

  • Wearing bright clothing
  • Forever wearing a helmet
  • Using reflecting material at night
  • Using rear and front lights
  • Follow safety graphic
  • Keeping your distance from cars and other objects

And being alert at all times and following the rules of the road, bicyclists can go a long way in decreasing the risk of an accident.

If you or a loved one has been wounded in a bicycle accident, it is vital to talk with a professional bicycle injury lawyer promptly to save your legal rights and take the important steps required to pursue a personal injury claim.

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