The Smartest Way to Carry Money While Travelling

When you’re traveling, you will need money, and losing it may mean that you may have a very unpleasant trip. This is why every traveler needs to know how to carry their money in the best possible way and not expose it to risk such as theft or losses that could have been avoided through proper storage. The last thing you want to experience during your trips is to lose your money because when that happens, very many bad things may happen. In this piece, we share with you some wise ways to carry your money and to ensure that you don’t lose it in any way.

Divide your money

The first step to help you not lose money when traveling is to simply divide your money. This means that you should not have all your money in one place or in one bag or in one purse. After you’ve known exactly where you’ll be going to for the day, try and divide the money depending on how you’ll be spending it. For example, if you know that you’ll be using the public transport, have some loose change closer by and then keep the bulk of the money in a safer place in a wallet inside your bag. In this manner, you will not have to expose all the money I have when you need to get some little money for some of the little expenses will be having along the way.

Always carry your money on your person     

The majority of people who have lost money when traveling always have one thing in common and this is they usually keep their money away from their persons. This means that the money is not on their body at any given time.  In most cases, the money is always in a purse or in a wallet inside a bag they carry.

But this is not the best way to ensure good safety for your money when traveling. Ideally, the money should be stored on your person at any given time. There are so many ways to do this, and you can simply pick the one that if you think most suits you. For example, you can easily store your money in your underpants with pockets, neck purses or in your trousers so that at any given time, will have the consciousness that the money is with you. If somebody has to steal it, you will definitely realize or know that someone is making an attempt.

Have loose change handy

This is closely related to the first point of dividing your money when traveling. It is imperative to have some loose change handy because you may need to make small purchases that may not require you to take out the entire ward of cash that you have. This could be fruits along the way or you may need a bottle of water at the gas station but these are normally not expensive and you don’t need to remove all of your money just to buy them.

When you don’t have loose change around, you will always be exposing all the money you have and this is a nice way to attract the bad guys who may make an attempt at stealing the money. Therefore, if you want to be safe, always travel and ensure that you have some loose change you can access for the little purchases you may need to make in the course of the journey.

Have an anti-theft backpack        

Anti-theft backpacks were a sensation a few years ago, and they’re still very relevant up to date. They have made it safe and convenient for so many people to carry their valuables around without worrying about people pickpocketing them without their knowledge. It is a handy accessory if you need safe storage for your money when traveling in a foreign country since it will make it very difficult for the bad guys to access whatever is stored inside.

All you have to do is to put your money inside your wallet and then drop the wallet inside your anti-theft backpack and you can be sure that nobody will be stealing it from you unless they take the whole bag and run away with it. The good news is that the price for the anti-theft backpacks are relatively low and before you read the next casino reviews on how to win big on your next gambling spree, just make the wise decision of getting yourself a nice anti-theft backpack and be sure that your money and other belongings are safe.

The bug will also make it safe for you to keep your travel documents such as passports and identification documents as well as mobile devices such as mobile phones u laptop and your tablet.

Have a well-trimmed wallet                                 

Some people travel with very big wallets that attract unnecessary attention to themselves. In such wallets, you’ll find all manner of things including cards, passport photos, receipts and so many things that don’t really have to be inside a wallet. Such wallets create the impression that you have a lot of money there and as such, you can easily attract pickpockets and thieves in the streets while you’re walking. Their size also makes them uncomfortable to carry in the back pockets and they can easily be noticed from a distance. Therefore, if you want another way to keep your money safe when traveling, ensure that you have a well-trimmed wallet and that you only have essential things stored in it. Your wallet is not storage for your passport photos, receipts and credit cards you no longer use.

Use a dummy wallet

You can always use a dummy wallet to drive attention away from where you’ve stored your money. This wallet is simply for display and even though you may not need to get into it from now and then, it will divert the attention of any potential thug who might have been targeting to pickpocket you. If they manage to get it, then the will find nothing but things that will not be of any use to them. This is a nice tip if you are walking in streets where pickpocketing is known to be a real threat such as in very many streets in most of the African cities.

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