Time Management: Important For JEE preparation

The JEE entrance exams are the toughest barriers for a majority of students. As this test is meant to deeply test the knowledge of the students, particularly in P C M, i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The JEE exams are the first step that you need to qualify with good grades to get admission in a reputed and good engineering college. So for getting higher grades you need to prepare well.

Preparing for the JEE for some students becomes a rush at the end of time and in result they land up nowhere, so one should do a systematic preparation for the examination. Opting for this systematic preparation will help you in re-collecting the scrambled things and learn them step by step. This systematic study or systematic preparation demands for systematic time management. Time management plays a vital role in preparation of the JEE exam.

Time Management: Important For JEE preparation

If the things are pre-decided then it becomes very easy for one to follow the routine, but when nothing is decided then it may become very difficult for one to gatherer the things at once.

One can follow these steps for a systematic preparation of JEE exam:

  1. Start your revision/studies as early as possible –

When you know the fact that even after passing your higher secondary class 12th you need to face another obstacle i.e. the JEE entrance exam then you need not be wasting the useful and precious time, instead you need to increase focus from class 10th as these three class (10th, 11th, 12th) forms the ground for your further studies. In a research it has been found that students preparing from their basic class easily qualify the entrance exam with higher grades and students who study at the ending time they hardly pass the examination with average grades. So if you are attentive throughout your session and clear with all the concepts then at the last point you just need to give a finishing touch to your knowledge and go confidently for the examination.

More over if you have attended all the classes regularly and you are well versed with all the concepts, then it will boost up your self confidence and you will be self motivated, which will help you to not get nervous during the preparation and even in giving the JEE examination.

  1. Over come your weaknesses by devoting proper time –

When you are preparing for the JEE exam you need to devote your maximum time towards your studies. Also equal amount of time should be given to every single topic, concept, theory, numerical and problems. The topics with which you are stuck, you need to work on them a bit more so that if something comes related to that specific topic you will be able to answer the question in the right manner. More over getting rid of all the weakness and having full command over individual subjects will help you to be more confident while you are attending the examination.

  1. Get rid of all your personal distractions –

When preparing of such an important examination one should be very cautious and be far away from all the distractions. Students indulge themselves in lots of activities after intense studies which they had done, in result when they go for these activities their mind gets distracted and slowly all the studied material gets vanished at the end of the day. So, we students are preparing for these kinds of exams, they must possess a studious environment around them. More over parents should keep a note that their child should not gets distracted from any unusual activity in the home.

These distractions can be of many types, such as:

  1. Playing games
  2. Going for long breaks
  • Inter surfing for long time
  1. Outdoor games
  2. Attending functions, parties, etc…
  3. Listening music for a very long time
  • Any of the functions organized at home creates a disturbing environment for the students to study with full concentration and focus.
  • Regular interruption by younger brothers and sisters.

The list is never ending as the distraction varies from person to person and situation to situation. So one should isolate himself from all kinds of distractions to achieve the desired target and to get through the JEE with higher grades.

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