Types Of Cloud Computing Services That Are Available & Their Significance

It is vital for a business to use its resources in the best possible manner. It is also vital to save operations and involve in cutbacks actions. Both of these goals have been not easy to meet before as businesses did not have the ways to leverage the internet completely. The scenario has changed totally now with cloud computing assisting re-outline the way a business functions. Therefore, what is all the concern about the cloud and in what way does it assist businesses across industries? Well, it is a unique procedure of conducting day-to-day operations or doing business even without financing anything considerable in the infrastructure.

Rene Bostic is a renowned Hybrid Cloud Integration expert who is at present serving as the VP for Cloud Technical Sales in IBM North America. In all facets of business operations, Rene is justly devoted to refining operating competences. Emerging technologies and Cloud computing as well as disruptive innovation are part of her abilities. She comprehends large-scale business difficulties as opportunities to make a variance to clienteles.

Types Of Cloud Computing Services That Are Available & Their Significance

Significance of Cloud Computing

Rene states that the advent of cloud computing technology altered everything and gave businesses a lot of affluence and suitability at numerous levels. This technology has saved lots of charges that a business would or else devote for hardware and software.

Using cloud computing means a business can run on any device and can also run from anyplace. It gives businesses a chance to experience a different way of linking with clienteles, employing a strong marketing method and understanding their necessities. The technology has assisted businesses track and handle customer information as and when required. More so, it has brought a great sense of liberty from using monotonous tasks and manual ways. So, a business can find customer information in a fast time as the whole thing is stored in one particular place.

There are three cloud options available in the market and they are relatively inexpensive such as:

  • Private cloud: These services are mainly used by clients who require more control over their data and have the needs for customization. Protection is offered by the company’s devoted firewall.
  • Hybrid cloud: This is storage via a combination of the private as well as public cloud. At least one private element and one public cloud element are applied and data can be saved to anywhere.
  • Public cloud: The service provider offers the client storage on a multi-renter basis.” It is appropriate for archived information and unstructured data.

Thus, cloud computing services decrease the need for businesses to manage and keep their own equipment, such as servers and this certainly help the company to save a great deal of money.

Before becoming a popular Hybrid Cloud Integration expert, Rene Bostic obtained her Certificate in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston in Texas. She has received numerous awards in IBM, which include Multicultural Women Symposium, recognitions as part of the Golden Circle, and Leadership Forum. She has also been given a Career Communications Group Leadership award for advocating and mentoring mathematics and science disciplines.

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