Types Of Pool Covers For Your Above Ground Pool

There are 3 basic types of pool covers for your above ground pool, all are fairly inexpensive each has their pros and cons which we’ve broken down for your as follows.

Types Of Pool Covers For Your Above Ground Pool

Solid Covers

A solid cover is a staple for any pool owner and have the advantage as the best way to winterize your backyard pool. Constructed of waterproof material they should be larger than the dimensions of your pool to allow complete coverage. A winch system for tightening a cable threaded through eyelets spaced along its’ edge hold it firmly in place when not in use.

Their ability to prevent anything from getting into your pool also proves it’s biggest drawback. The accumulation of leaves, branches, rainwater or other debris make removing the cover a real chore.

Mesh Covers

Purchasing a mesh pool cover is a good option if you live in a part of the country that experiences a lot of rainfall and windstorms. A mesh cover floats on the surface of the water acts as a net keeping large branches out of the pool, and the lack of rainwater accumulating means easier removal. If you live in the southern climes it’s all you need to keep your pool clean and quickly removable.

Solar Covers

It’s a misconception that a solar cover can heat the water in your backyard pool. Made of tiny air pockets like bubble wrap they can help conserve any heat IF you have a pool heater. Placing it on the water when not in use is a way to conserve energy and a must have if your pool comes with a water heater. For those living in areas that experience warmer temperatures putting a solar cover on the water later in the day helps maintain water heated from the sun. Living near the 49th parallel our above ground pool didn’t have a heater but found the solar blanket kept the water a comfortable temperature.

When it comes to pool covers dealer will usually offer one with the pool package which might wind up not being very durable. You may want to consider purchasing a cover priced in the mid range, a solid cover is a must for every pool and with covers fairly inexpensive it may have you choosing to purchase all 3 types.

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