Want To Buy A PBX System For Your System – PBX System Guide

A good telephone system is very important for any kind of business. A proper communication between all the employees is needed for carrying out business deals without any hindrance. The PBX telephone system allows you to establish a proper communication, at workplace.

You must understand the difference between various types of PBX systems and recognize its uses. In this way you can make an informed decision.

Want To Buy A PBX System For Your System - PBX System Guide

PBX System Types

PBX system provides communication between various employees of the office and also outsiders through individual extensions. They play a major role in the productivity of the business. There are some types of PBX systems that you should know:

  • Traditional PBX System: Involves phones attached to main connector handled by operator. These phone systems have gradually became less popular with the introduction of latest phone technologies.
  • VoIP Phones systems: This system allows you to communicate over data networks, so the need for traditional telephone line has decreased significantly. Over past years, this technology has become very popular due to easy handling and provided additional features. It has proven to be more convenient and useful in comparison. Hence majority of sole proprietors and businesses prefers to use VoIP system over traditional phone system.
  • Hybrid PBX System: For attaining the most efficient telephone service, hybrid telephone system is the best. It has all the useful features of both VoIP and traditional phone system.

Some of the major features that you can get in telephone system are:

  • Voicemail
  • Auto-attendant
  • Direct Inward Calling
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Conferencing
  • Direct dial
  • Holiday service
  • Music-on-hold
  • Tracking calls
  • Speed dial

These features will cost you extra at the time of installation but will bring many benefits to your business.

PBX System Setup

  • The virtual PBX setup offers much convenience for your business. If you have a small business with less number of staff, then this system works best as you can share the server with large companies.
  • The self-hosted PBX is located on business premises, generally in a secure and cool room. They have all the phone lines connected in them. For a bigger business with hundreds of employee, this setup works well.

Buying PBX

Now when it comes to making a purchase, you need to be very careful. After you have made a decision about what system to invest in, it is time to find the right dealer. You can talk with business colleagues, who are already using PBX phone system or even search the Web for better options. It is recommended that you check customer feedbacks related to the potential phone system company, before making a deal. You can choose Grandstream IP phones, which are really efficient and is a popular brand name.

There are many new IP telephone system companies that have come up in market that provide some really good offers and services. But before making any deal, know everything about the product you are choosing.

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