What Are The Benefits Of Rack Ovens?

Having the right to bakery equipment has become more important than ever; running a restaurant, hotel or even a bakery means that you need to provide your customers with perfectly prepared food in order to keep up with your competition. You can definitely benefit from buying all your kitchen equipment from a reputable supplier, to ensure that you not only get the best quality, but the best price as well.

Energy Efficiency

With the ability to prepare more food in less time, these deck ovens are energy efficient. They have superior steam systems so they can easily increase your cooking process. You can also choose to have a gas powered unit, furthering saving you money in your business. With energy efficient deck ovens, you can significantly reduce your energy bill and this is exactly what most businesses are aiming to do. Less expenses means more profits too.

What Are The Benefits Of Rack Ovens?


Rack ovens are very versatile. They can prepare a wide variety of baked goods and this is why they are ideal for restaurants and bakeries. Some of these ovens can bake up to 72 dozen pies as well as 180 bread loves at a time, ideal for larger bakeries. This is why more and more business owners are relying on rack ovens to prepare their food items.

You can choose between electrical and fuel execution type ovens, as well as an optional canopy and auto damper that comes standard on some models. If you buy a modern deck oven you can also enjoy a Smart Controller that allows you to set various cooking levels depending on the products you need to prepare. This saves a lot of time and makes these ovens very popular.

New Features

Deck ovens have definitely improved significantly over the last few years. For example, if you buy from Macadams, you can enjoy deck ovens with features like a Smart Controller, a superior steam system on all models, as well as legs that are fitted with castors, and an improved design. You can also have doors that are supplied with windows, so that you and your kitchen staff can easily see what is happening inside and keep an eye on your food. This means even easier baking processes and energy efficient units that offer great value for money.

Macadams specialises in rack ovens and our equipment is cost effective and energy efficient. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the best equipment for your bakery and offer your customers excellent value.

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