What Are the Various Do’s and Don’ts for Keto?

Many of the people who start with keto diet may often commit few mistakes and hence they may not achieve desired results. This can deprive them from having overall better health. Most of the people go for keto diet in order to lose weight and some people want to get out of medication for type-2 diabetes and also high blood pressure. Some people want to remain energized and strong without introducing any chemicals in their internal system.

Therefore, let us discuss about few do’s and don’ts which you are on ketogenic meal delivery.

Following are few do’s:

  • Eat few real foods. Choose vegetables that grow above the ground, chicken, beef, butter, salmon, heavy cream and other farm foods.


  • You must replace your electrolytes but that does not mean you must start taking sugary energy drinks or diet Gatorade. Prefer to drink chicken broth or bone broth. Make sure that your food must contain 2 tsp of salt every day.


  • Eat lots of healthy fats. Take avocados, avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, extra virgin olive oil, heavy cream, animal fats (those animals which are grass fed). If you are taking yogurt then ensure that it is fat yogurt. In case, its label says low fat then reject it.


  • Prefer to take natural alternate of sweet rather than chemical form of sweets. Try to use Stevia or Erythritol and not sucralose or Splenda.


  • Avoid eating fast food, sometimes it becomes too difficult to resist or may be the only food available. Prefer not to eat unless or until you are too hungry. The burgers that is served by McDonald or any other are not at all healthy food to eat. Most of them use various preservatives and chemicals and never use real cheese and meat but use fillers. Even the salad may have hidden sugars present in it.


  • Do stop eating when you feel that your stomach is full


  • Do eat your three meals every day. Some people skip breakfast by taking just few snacks with tea, instead of that you must eat your regular breakfast.


  • Do eat sufficient amount of vegetables in all your meals.


  • Have faith in what you are doing and you must remember that there are few good reasons for doing what you are currently doing.

Following are few don’ts

  • Don’t eat sugar free candies, low carb tortillas, low carb breads, low carb bars, diet soda, microwaved meals, shakes or zero calorie sweetened drinks.


  • Don’t eat foods that are low fat. Avoid buying low fat cheese, butter or yogurt. You need to eat lots of healthy fats. If you can find any low-fat label then don’t buy them.


  • Avoid eating bad fats like vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil or hydrogenated oil etc.


  • Don’t look for nutrition details after eating anything but prefer to look at it before you eat.


  • Don’t worry if you miss anything on any particular day


  • Don’t forget to take required amount of salt


  • Don’t forget if you are taking any supplement


  • Don’t forget to congratulate you that you have come so far.

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