What To Do When Flying Into Dallas?

There is an old adage that says “everything is bigger in Texas.” Dallas is the city that brings this saying into reality. If you have never traveled to Dallas, prepare to be awe-inspired by the unending, magnificent downtown and the vast blue Texas skies. Dallas is a bustling city and the DFW area has so many great attractions to do and see. Before you head down to the Lone Star State, there are a few things you should know about to ensure you have the best time possible in the great city of Dallas!

Getting From The Airport To The Hotel

Considering there are many common travel problems that people have when traveling to any area, you may want to take a look at hotels near the DFW airport. Many of these hotels even have a shuttle that will get you to and from the airport. Being close by is to your advantage for several reasons. You never know if your flight will get delayed or cancelled, so it is nice to know that you have a place to stay until you can catch the next flight. Most airlines will even cover your expenses you incurred due to the missed flight! Another huge advantage to staying at a hotel with a free shuttle is that you will save two expensive Uber trips to and from the airport.

Must-See Attractions in the DFW Area

The Sixth Floor Museum

This famous museum in Dealey Plaza is dedicated to the late President John F. Kennedy. It is absolute must-see for anyone coming to Dallas. The museum is in the same spot that Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy. Dedicated to Kennedy’s life and death, the Sixth Floor Museum should definitely be on your list of attractions.

The Fort Worth Zoo

If you can take the heat, the Fort Worth Zoo is a great family activity. Here you can spot penguins, hippos, elephants, monkeys and many more fascinating creatures. You can even buy lettuce and feed the giraffes! The zoo is set up in a theme park style, each section resembling a different animal environment such as the African Savannah. Each of these sections has dedicated decor and eateries. It really is quite an interesting experience.

Cavender’s Boot City

If you are looking to score a pair of real cowboy or cowgirl boots while in Dallas, you simply must check out Cavender’s. They have every style, color, shape, and material you could want in a boot and all the accessories to go along with it. They sell beautiful jewelry, awesome belt buckles, and unique western-style clothing. The Cavender’s location on Lyndon. B Johnson has a great selection and excellent customer service.

Dallas Travel Tips

Here are a few tips to make traveling around Dallas a breeze!

  • It’s hot, so bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and please wear deodorant! This may seem obvious but it is truly hard to fathom just how hot it is in Dallas unless you’ve been there before.
  • Bring dress clothes. Dallas is home to very high end restaurants and attractions. You don’t want to be caught off guard. Dallasites love to get dressed up.
  • Make a plan. Dallas has so much to offer. Make a list of everything you want to see and do and plan it out based on the time you have there. Using public transportation to get around is also a great way to save money. Uber is not cheap in Dallas.

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