When the Different Become Better and Equal– Montessori Way

If you had the choice, would you ever send your child to the same school as yourself? Maybe if you had the best time of your childhood and life. Some parents would not! There are memories of them not feeling synced with other students and teachers.

Some students enjoy sitting, while others like movements. Yourself as a parent, maybe you had the urge of getting up from the desk and to move around. You must have been quick at learning things, as compared to your classmates, and felt bored on staying idle and listening to the teacher repeating the same reviewed material to other kids.

When the Different Become Better and Equal– Montessori Way

This felt rather impulsive and unfair at times!

This is not what you would want your child to experience? They should rather have love of learning instilled in them. This starts at no place better, but at Milton Montessori system.

You must have read at various places, “Education has more to it than just academic rigor. For a place where not just test scores are high, but environment is considered, children are responsible, independent, and where they succeed beyond academics –Montessori Education is the right place”.

You of course have the right to wonder, if you can trust that? With media and friends and family talking about only test scores ad academic standings of kids, how can you possibly sway into the thought that the best thing for your child at this moment is to get enrolled in a costly education system where scores don’t matter?

But is this even necessary for a toddler? Does a child starts learning and developing love for learning practices this soon?

The Paradigm Shift in Education – The Montessori Way

Maria Montessori believed in learning from the moment of birth. She observed and concluded how adapting to the learning environment was important for development level and needs of a child. Rather than forcing children for fitting into the often-ineffective structures of regular school system, it’s important to learn colors, memorize the ABC’s using labeling and sounds.

Montessori strived in growing a small part of the child with every activity practiced in the classroom. All these activities also vary in learning styles and types and fit as per the needs of an individual child. Montessori way of education focuses on learning through all five sense, while for some the traditional watching, listening, and reading fails to engage and provide a creative environment for truly fostering the love of learning.

Maria Montessori believes that every child learns in a different way and at a different pace. And this was completely implied on adults of the classroom by Montessori to understand and observe what the need of a specific child is. Kids are supported to work at Red Apple Montessori system which challenges and interests them. They go beyond repetition and memorization of true understanding, as well as application of skills, knowledge, and concepts.

Children learn to progress at their own pace, either they move ahead without having to wait for the others, or they take time in internalizing the material. This process gives confidence to the children and makes them feel as a successful learner. The best of all about Montessori education is that, it teaches children the basic skills but they way these are taught is an integrated approach that brings various strands of curriculum together.

For example, while studying the map of Africa, you learn history, explore art, and this is brought to your knowledge through other collaborative activities as Stamp Game or sound game. If a child can become innovative and brilliant through similar studies but different approach, then what more could you ask for your child?

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