Why Smart Watches Failing To Lure Consumers

Still smart watches are considered as a luxury item and not an extension of smart phone. Fitness wearables too failed to get ample response from the market. So, what made smart watches suck?

Why Smart Watches Failing To Lure Consumers

Battery Life

Watches are made to be always working. It should be always on, but smart phones are not up to the mark in this term. Its battery life lasts hardly for a day or two at the most. Apple Watch battery lasted for less than a day and so charging every night is not alien.

Incessant Notifications

One of the primary focus of smart watches were to pry one’s eyes and faces away from smart phone screens, but it seems the problem still persists, only shifted from pocket to wrist, fuelling to the notification addiction further. Alarms are pretty okay with watches and even calls are fine, but messages are stretching day by day with Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more.

Developer Traction

There’s a valid difference between fitness tracker and smart watch. It is known the former has no apps while the later has tones of apps, but only in theory, of course. Moreover, there’s little to do with the available apps on the small screen and so smart watches failed to lure enough consumers.


Usually watches are bought for keeps, but smart phones are purchased with the feel to replace it in about two to three years. In smart watches case, worst of the system is exhibited. Manufacturers are regularly trying to push newer models every year and older models get no longer software updates. It becomes obsolete soon and this makes consumers harder to invest in it.

Identity Crisis

What is a smart watch? How to define it? Is it a fashion accessory or a mini smart phone? Is it a fitness tracker with larger and colourful screen? Surely the smart watches suffer from identity crisis.

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