Everything you need to know about lingerie

Basically, lingerie is a type of women’s clothing which includes sleepwear, undergarments as well as lightweight robes. Lingerie is usually made of stretchy, lightweight, sheer, smooth and decorative fabrics such as- chiffon, satin, lycra, silk, charmeuse or lace etc.  If you are looking for the designer and stretchy lingerie, visit online shops and explore the catalogs of lingerie in a way to find out the best one for yourself. After exploring the catalogs you will surely get the most comfortable lingerie or undergarments for yourself at nominal prices. All you need is to visit and explore the catalogs. The acchajee.com can be the best source to buy any type of lingerie online at a reasonable or affordable price.

Types of lingerie

Here is the type of lingerie offered by online stores are as follows-

  • Basque

Basque is a tight fitted coat or bodice often preferred by actresses or models.

  • Bodystocking

Bodystocking is a type of lingerie designed to cover the abdomen and thighs. This kind of lingerie is usually preferred by the women with the slimmer body or physical appearance.

  • Bodysuit

The bodysuit is a tight-fitted or skin fit undergarment. Women often wear a bodysuit when they go swimming.

  • Bodice

The bodice is one such type of lingerie which usually covers the body from neck to the waist. This kind of lingerie is often connected with hooks or laces. It may be reinforced with bone or steel in order to provide great support to breasts.

  • Brassiere

The brassiere is a kind of bra. It is the tight-fitted garment worn to provide greater support to women’s breasts.

  • Corset

The corset is a bodice or undergarment worn by women to shape and mould the torso.

  • Corselet

The corselet is a type of modern corselet and foundation garment most commonly referred to as a shaping slip.

  • Granny panties

Granny panties are usually known as panties that are usually made for buttocks.

  • Nightgown

The nightgown is basically a nightie or nightwear. It may vary for hip length to floor length.

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