Few Best iPhone Apps 2016 That Are For Free

How cool it feels if you get super-duper apps for your iPhone and that too free. It is indeed a good feeling. Here let us discuss some of the happening 6 applications for iPhone in 2016 that are truly worth installing:

Few Best iPhone Apps 2016 That Are For Free

ANIMATIC- Bringing back those college days

We often used to doodle down flick-animation creativities in the corner of a jotter. Animatic allows us to do the same on our iPhone. You use simple and friendly tools to scribble on a small canvas frame and then build the animation frame-by-frame slowly. It is cool and interesting totally.

Wowed is again a superb free app for putting one-word cloud together. You can point it to a source – like someone’s Twitter account, a good URL, a Facebook account, and other likely things- and wait as it traverses through the text it finds. In the end, you get a beautiful word cloud, a stylish blue colored number with the most popular used words displayed prominently.

An iPhone’s is almost perfect in all ways. One of the most loved features by users is watching the video. But there is a drawback in iPhones:

  • It has a limited onboard storage
  • It only plays specific extension videos
  • File import is not very flexible

This new app Infuse fixes all these things in your iPhone and hence, provides an easy and complete feature full video player.

Make your own app for business expansion today!

If you wish to get any customized app for your business, especially for iPhones, there are great iPhone app development company in Dallas with a better approach and special attention to every new project, new technology measures are used each time and hence a classy output.

Again, a great video related application, which is simply awesome. You can edit your videos easily with this app like never before. New app Replay solved this and automated the entire process. You just need to select some videos and photos, which you need to place in your new video, this smart app would tailor all your given material together within an animated awesome video almost ready to save and instantly share.

Do you love checking weather info daily- This app going to be rocking then?

A cute application related to weather information has arrived by the name of “Hello Weather.” This is a smart application giving all but only useful information on weather. It skips all unnecessary information. You can get pretty looking graphs on your screen in terms of weather reports.

Not everyone can help you cheat like this app!

Cheat sheet is the latest app for all the busy souls out there who need to remember certain small things in routine but almost forget in normal situations. Small texts like Car Number, Hotel Room Number, certain important passwords etc.

You can very easily add an interactive icon and your important text as a cheat on this app. They can be ordered in a way that you want and that can be displayed on your apple watch or Today Widget.

Hence, you can access them easily on the go with no notepads or pens to search all the time.

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