When many of us hear about food safety, the next thing that comes to mind is normally related to washing our vegetables and fruits or getting rid of expired foodstuff. Well, while this is an important aspect to look at the topic, it’s important to note that food safety entails more than that.


Failure to adhere to food safety guidelines could result in serious implications as has been seen over the years. Millions of people normally suffer from food poisoning each year but you can be an exception if you follow the following guidelines:-

Foods Contamination

There are many mistakes that many people make when it comes to the handling of cooked foods. For example, if you are cooking meat, putting the already cooked pieces back in the container or placing them on a chopping board that you had used with raw meat could lead to serious health problems.

Whether you are dealing with seafood, chicken, pork or beef, it’s important to ensure that the cooked pieces do not come into contact with the raw ones to prevent against cross-contamination.

Raw meats normally contain some pathogens which can easily be transferred to ready foods resulting in serious food poisoning. Always wash your chopping boards with clean soapy water and dry them well.

Food Preparation Area

Different areas used for food preparation should be kept clean and dry. Whether you are looking at the chopping board or a worktop, hygiene is very important. This goes beyond washing to drying. When you wash your tools and appliances, make sure you rinse them properly and dry them under proper ventilation.

You should also store your utensils and other cookware properly and rinse them before using them again. This will prevent bacteria and other harmful organisms from growing and accumulating on the surface.

Remember that these are not visible to the eyes but can cause serious health problems to you and others. Whether you are using a toaster oven, a microwave, a blender or food processor, it is always important to not only ensure that they’re properly cleaned but also store them under hygienic atmosphere. You should utensils and other appliances are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized regularly.

Store Under Proper Temperature

Temperature is very important when it comes to food safety. When storing your foods, it is always important to maintain the right temperature especially when dealing with uncooked meat and raw foods.

High temperature spoils different types of foods thus putting them at risk of contamination. Normally, the temperature encourages the growth of microbes and bacteria which provides a favorable atmosphere for food-related diseases to grow.

Food Storage

Any cooked foods should be stored with a lot of care. In fact, you should give them the same attention as you would uncooked foods. Proper storage of cooked food is an important food safety guideline that will help prevent against wastage or loss and also avoid any cases of cross-contamination.

Your leftovers should be kept safely in airtight containers and then stashed in a refrigerator or freezer. However, always allow them to cool down under clean atmosphere before storing them. If you do not have a fridge or a freezer, avoid keeping your leftovers for more than one day. This will keep them from spoiling thus keeping them safe for human consumption.


Proper cooking is part of food safety. It is important to cook your foods under high temperatures to kill any harmful bacteria capable of causing food-borne illnesses. When cooking with your toaster oven or microwave oven or other cooking appliances, you should ensure that the temperature is adjusted properly so your food doesn’t cook too fast or undercook. This is important, especially when dealing with meats, eggs, and other stuff as well. If you are boiling your milk, allow it to boil completely.

There are many other food safety guidelines you should follow but these are some of the most basic and most important when it comes to your home. Adhering to them will keep you safe and help you live a healthy life.

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