How To Live With Forgetfulness

A lot of people have problems with being forgetful, even if they have a good memory. You will know when you are being forgetful if you have trouble recalling where you put your keys or eyeglasses, if you missed appointments or if you have a problem remembering a name even if you were just recently introduced.

How To Live With Forgetfulness

Below are helpful tips from St Charles Manor that can help you with your forgetfulness:

Use a wrist watch, cell phone, or electronic organizer to set alarms.

If you’re taking medicines at certain intervals, you can set an alarm on your smartphone or use an electric alarm to help you remind.

Have daily checklists to be reminded of what needs to be done.

Making a daily checklist will also be helpful in being productive, having things get done and not forgetting what needs to be done. This way you can have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Ask others to remind you.

It won’t hurt to ask somebody for help in reminding you of something. Like if you have an important appointment, you can ask someone to remind you a day before or hours before your appointment.

Use a defined storage space for everything.

You can allocate a certain area or space in your house for storing or putting things that you usually forget. Like pens, old bills, keys, batteries, books, flashlights, documents, photos, umbrellas, tools and sports equipment. The list can go on. A place for everything and everything in its place will be very helpful in solving your problems of being forgetful. You can always apply this in your workplace, inside your car and so on.

Always have a plan for doctor appointments.

Being forgetful can mean missing out on important doctor’s appointment. You can easily fix this by making an appointment plan ahead of time. Print the plan and place it somewhere in the house that can easily be seen, like the refrigerator door.

Improve your memory directly.

Of course, this article aims to help you in aiding you being forgetful. Aside from the tips mentioned above, doing things to help increase your concentration like improving your diet, playing brain games, getting adequate sleep and so on can be helpful too.

Being forgetful is not a defect. It is simply a symptom that you can manage successfully. Put emphasis on strategies and tactics that can work for you and do not hesitate to ask someone for help.

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