Lodging In The Sky: 7 Tallest Hotels Of Dubai

The first high-rise construction in Dubai was built in 1979. With the height of 149 meters it has been the tallest engineering facility in the Middle East and over the next 30 years, Dubai continues to amaze not only with the pace of construction, but also with the height of the buildings appearing in the desert.

Lodging In The Sky: 7 Tallest Hotels Of Dubai

Nowadays, Dubai’s tallest construction is Burj Khalifa – the skyscraper which has 162 floors and reaches an incredible height of 830 meters. It consists of offices, apartments, and of course, the hotel.

However, its visitors are not allowed to admire the charming panoramas of Dubai: Armani Hotel (located inside of the Burj Khalifa) occupies only the first eight floors of the building, as well as 38 and 39 floor where 2 luxurious rooms are situated. So, in order to compensate for this deficiency, we’ve thoroughly prepared the list of the tallest hotel-buildings in Dubai.

Now you won’t need to search for the observation platforms: you will have your own apartments offering fantastic views just from the top of the sky!

1. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Star rating: 5

This hotel has several titles at once: the first one – it is the 2nd tallest construction in Dubai. It consists of two 355-meters-high towers. Moreover, both towers belong to the hotel, which automatically makes JW Marriott Marquis world’s tallest hotel.

In total, each tower has 72 floors and 804 rooms.

Unfortunately, the outdoor pool is located just on the 7th floor of the building. But there is a Vault Bar on the 71 and 72 floors of one of the towers.

It should be noted that all the rooms have panoramic windows from the floor to the ceiling, so if you’re afraid of heights, ask for the lower floor.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Business bay

2. Rose Rayhaan by Rotana

Star rating: 4

This is Dubai’s second tallest hotel: the height of the construction is 333 meters or 72 floors. Until 2002, before the JW Marriott Hotel was built, it was considered to be the highest lodging in the world.

Lodging In The Sky: 7 Tallest Hotels Of Dubai

The floors from 35 to 65 have a special “Sky” status: that means the higher the room is located, the more expensive it is. On the 5th floor of Rose Rayhaan there’s a huge swimming pool.

Keep in mind that alcohol is not allowed in this hotel.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd,Newer Financial Centre Metro Station

3. Burj Al Arab

Star rating: 5

The next hotel is very unique – it is regularly included to the ratings of the Dubai’s tallest buildings, and its name – is Burj Al Arab.

Generally, the building has a very unusual architecture and was originally constructed in the shape of a sail. So, Burj Al Arab doesn’t look like a traditional Dubai skyscraper, but its height is as much as 321 meters.

Despite the huge size of the building, the hotel has only 202 rooms. All the rooms occupy two floors and offer fantastic views of the sea.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Rd, Jumeirah 3

Lodging In The Sky: 7 Tallest Hotels Of Dubai

IMG Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mattharvey1/16821390378/in/dateposted-public/

4. Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Star rating: 5

Jumeirah Emirates Towers is no less famous and impressive hotel in Dubai. It occupies a complex of two 56-story skyscrapers which height is 309 meters.

The hotel is ready to offer its visitors about 400 rooms – from luxurious to standard. In addition to the impressive exterior, Jumeirah Emirates Towers has also an outstanding interior layout: its rooms, lobby and other public areas are designed in accordance with modern fashion trends.

One of the most unusual elements of the building is the panoramic glass elevator, which is a favorite entertainment among guests.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd

5. Millennium Plaza

Star rating: 5

In general, Millennium Plaza almost caught up its competitors: with the height of 294 meters, the building has 65 floors. One of the most pleasant features of this hotel is that the pool and bar are available on the top floor.

It’s very important that fascinating panoramas are available not only from the luxurious rooms, but also from the standard ones. The 61st floor is a club-floor with a private reception area, free Wi-Fi, snacks and drinks. Since the hotel is located in the business sector, it is more suitable for business travelers.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Op Emirates Metro Station, Near Crown Plaza

6. Intercontinental Dubai Festival City

Star rating: 5

This hotel has only 36 floors, but its major feature is high ceilings. Therefore, the height of the building is almost equal to its competitors – 256 meters.

Lodging In The Sky: 7 Tallest Hotels Of Dubai

However, it has another significant advantage: it is located on the shore of the Persian Gulf, so you can enjoy stunning views of the sea. In comparison with the previous participants of the rating, Intercontinental Hotel has a spacious area for walking, large swimming pools and spa.

Address: Dubai Festival City

7. Towers Rotana

Star rating: 4

Rotana Towers is a modern 30-story building that closes out our list of Dubai’s tallest hotels. Its height is 214 meters and it offers really superb views of the downtown. The hotel has a big pool located right at the foot of the building.

Unlike Rotana’s Rose Rayhaan Hotel from the 2nd place of this rating, Rotana Towers provides more loyal position concerning alcohol and even has its own pub.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd

Well, it was the TOP 7 tallest hotels of Dubai that are always happy to welcome you. All of them are located close to the Dubai Airport, so, if necessary, you can quickly reach any of these hotels using a rental car.

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