Top Tips For Booking A Family Holiday

Booking a holiday with the family can be a long and stressful process especially if you’re going abroad. Is the location right? Will the hotel be up to standard? Is there enough to do and see for the kids? All of these questions and months of planning can take its toll, we’ve rounded up some top tips for keeping a family holiday as stress-free as possible!

Top Tips For Booking A Family Holiday

  1. Always Check The Reviews

TripAdvisor is your new best friend. Sure, take one or two negative reviews with a pinch of salt if the rest are generally positive, after all someone is more likely to be motivated to moan that sing praises but it can be particularly useful for top tips. There’s no better source of advice than from someone who’s already done it, so take an evening to research the best hotels that suit your needs, for example is the hotel family friendly? Do you have to pay for extras? It’s also a great tool to use for finding local cuisine, you’ll often find reviewers raving about the best local restaurants.

  1. Know What You’re Paying For

It might seem basic but check that you know what comes under the cost of your holiday. A good way to do this is to write your own list of requirements and check them off against the offer. For example, air conditioning for your room might seem quite basic but we’ve heard some horror stories in the past which make us grateful for our office air conditioning in Hertfordshire when we (rarely) hit 30 degrees!

  1. Be Travel Savvy

Always book your transfers in advance either through your travel company or a trustworthy local taxi service. It’s saves lots of stress, especially as you’ve just spent the past few hours of your life on a plane, possibly with some very upset children! Don’t add extra stress and be prepared! It’s also worth checking out any local bus routes, and the best ways to get around the destination you’re travelling to as to avoid wasting time when you’re there.

  1. Pre-book Excursions

Avoid treacherous queues at the local tourist information centre by pre-booking tickets to your main excursions before you head off on your travels. This will save time, energy, tantrums and quite often money too. Always check for online deals, you can save a lot of extra cash especially if you’re booking more than one excursion so it’s always worth checking out.

  1. In Flight Entertainment

Planning on flying with young children? This used to be considered a brave move, but thankfully with technology these days it can be a whole lot easier to keep the little ones entertained. Be sure to keep your iPad fully charged, bring colouring books, a new toy or any other distraction that will avoid any tears and upset!

  1. Have A Schedule

Pre-plan your days before you jet off, obviously allow some room for spontaneity but it’s good to have a rough idea of how you want to spend your days. That way you can agree as a family and avoid any holiday arguments by making sure everyone is happy with what’s planned. Perhaps allow everyone to choose one day where they can be in charge of what activities and excursions you take part in, but definitely allow for some pool or beach days, after all a holiday is for relaxing and unwinding!

  1. Enjoy Yourself

After months of researching, planning and booking it’s now time to kick back by the pool, order a fruity beverage and unwind, you deserve it after all!

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