Make Extra Money by Selling Event Tickets Online

With plenty of events taking place like music concerts, DJ party, comedy shows, etc, this New Year, you certainly may be spoilt of choices. You definitely do want to miss the music festival scheduled to take place at your city where your famous rock band and jazz artist will perform. You are so excited that you purchased the concert tickets six months earlier and now looking forward to get mesmerized by the rocking foot tapping music and have an unforgettable experience.

Make Extra Money by Selling Event Tickets Online

However, destiny had other plans and because of your ill health, you have to abandon your plan to attend the concert. You spent hours standing in a queue and dished out significant amount of money just to grab tickets of the event. Now, all your dream of seeing your rock band performing live has been completely shattered and to the top of it all, the money you spent is totally wasted. But Hey! There is no need to be disappointed as you can still recover the amount that you actually paid to get the ticket. You do not believe me? Well, that is not your fault because you may not have heard about the websites where you can put up your ticket for sale and recover the lost money.

Get Me In is a very popular ticket resale online marketplace available, where the individuals can buy and sell tickets that they cannot attend due to some reasons. You can also find discount vouchers of Get Me In for buying tickets of your favourite concerts at VoucherBin website. There is a chance that you may be completely alien about the process of selling tickets online and absolutely no idea from where to start. Well, don’t worry at all as these helpful tips for selling that pair of music festival event tickets will bail you out from all problems.

Let’s have a look at the Process of Selling Tickets Online:

  • Register at the website: First of all, you will be required to register at Get Me In website, which is absolutely FREE OF COST.
  • Click on the list tickets option: It does not matter at all whether you have got only one or ten concert tickets. You must provide details of your tickets and list them in a hassle free manner. You can also upload the ticket pictures (if required).
    Send the tickets: After providing all the necessary details about the event tickets, you can send the tickets to address mentioned in the website.
  • Get Paid: Now, after the tickets have been sent, you are required to wait for some time. As soon as any individual is interested in purchasing your ticket, he/she will make the payment and get it easily.

A Very Important Point to Remember

You must not be negligent while listing details about the tickets; otherwise your listing can be cancelled. The information provided must be accurate and most importantly if there is any extra information with regard to seating arrangements, alcohol restriction or any type of family restriction, then must be thoroughly listed. You must also not overcharge for the tickets.

So, just sell that extra ticket you have, make some extra money and have a fun-filled New Year Bash devoid of any worries.

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