Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Design, Performance And Specs

Samsung to set records again and again with its new line up Galaxy Alpha. The first member Galaxy Alpha and the later Galaxy A5, A7 and A3 are yet to be arrived on the market shelves.

The talks of Galaxy Alpha are already going interesting. For ergonomic devices have no complaints. Power button located on the right side, right under the thumb. Volume control buttons are on the left side. To reach them, no need to shift your smartphone. Micro-USB interface version 2.0 submitted to the bottom end. This also launched an external speaker. And it does not overlap when the smartphone is on the table. The speaker is quite loud: incoming call audible even in noisy places – on the subway or on a busy street.

Hiding under the back cover removable battery 7 Wh and a connector for Nano-SIM-cards. Slots “stick” in the Galaxy Alpha stipulate that a bit strange. About the assembly of the apparatus we have no comments – no suspicious backlash and the creaking of a week of testing were found, as well as colored streaks on the screen if the smartphone side squeeze. For this, apparently, is to say thank steel frame and generally well thought-out design of the device. Unfortunately, the case of ‘Alpha’, unlike the flagship devices of the company, is not protected from dust and moisture.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Design, Performance And Specs

Samsung decided not to install in the “Alpha” any standard for a smartphone, which was born at the end of 2014, Full HD-matrix. Instead, engineers were limited to a small screen by today’s standards a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels. Despite the fact that the screen size is moderate, the individual dots on it to see easy – just bring your device to your eyes and look at the icon label. However, the pixel density is not so small – 312.5 dpi. For comfortable work quite as important is the level of detail photos and videos perfectly acceptable. Probably, the manufacturer has decided not to load computing platform redundant pixels to branding “Alpha” worked as smoothly as possible, even under load.

Grain size of the screen can be explained using a matrix-type arrangement with a Super AMOLED subpixels scheme PenTile RGBG – green dots in the two times higher than blue or red. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer considers the resolution is by the number of green subpixels. Layout RGBG significantly reduces violet-green halos on the contrast transitions, but get rid of them entirely manufacturer did not succeed. Super AMOLED here, as is usual in this type of matrices boasts conditionally infinite contrast and saturated colors. The latter problem is partially solved with the help of embedded color profiles: their shell in three and they differ in the first place color saturation. Also provides adaptive mode, adjusts the color range and color saturation for the displayed image. If it is to use, color rendition is not always plausible.

The 720p display of Galaxy Alpha proved to be good but not the best, and Samsung won’t do any thing like this with the upcoming metal designed phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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