Are You A Customer Service Expert!

Your company’s most important asset aside from its workforce are its customers! You simply would not have a business without them. They are the voice of your business and if they are satisfied with your products and services they will be your best PR tool, recommending what you have to offer to family and friends. So would you consider yourself to be a customer service expert? Do you know what turns them on and off to your services and if so, how do you use this information to grow your business?

The First and Last Impression

Your first experience of any organisation is a lasting one. Whether you are buying a pair of jeans from a department store or hiring the services of an accountant, your first impression of the company will be the one that lasts the longest and invariably will be the one that supports your decision to do business with that organisation. The same can be said of the last impression! The way the human mind works we always remember the final encounter as well as the first. So your after-sales team should be as attentive as those who initiated the sale. Likewise, online, ensure you follow up with a ‘thank you for your business’ message, or ‘is there anything more we can do to help’.

Are You A Customer Service Expert!

Be Memorable

An unforgettable experience will ensure that your customers come back to you time and time again, as well as help spread the word about your wonderful products and services. Memorable customer service will ensure that your customers become your best marketing tool and a powerful one at that! Think out of the box, a quirky approach is an easy way to give your customers an unforgettable experience.

Apologise If Things Go Wrong

Know how to apologise. Customers appreciate that things will go wrong from time to time but if problems are not dealt with swiftly and if communication is poor, they will soon turn off. So deal with the issue, communicate along the way so they know what’s happening and make sure you apologise for the inconvenience caused. Of course learning from each issue and putting systems in place to improve the customer journey will help and be appreciated.

The Importance of Appreciation

As a customer, knowing how important you are and that your custom is appreciated is essential to your loyalty. The market is too competitive to only survive on great products, you need to offer your appreciation and great service to match. Offering that personal service and treating all your clients and customers as individuals, provides that feel good factor that keeps them coming back for more. Remember though, it has to be a sincere approach and trust is something that develops over time.

Get to Know Them

The first rule of marketing is to know your target audience. Second rule of marketing, know what makes them tick! Getting to know your customers, their likes and dislikes, what they think of your products and services is essential to retaining their business. You can’t expand your business blinkered from their opinion. That’s why using a customer satisfaction survey software, such as KeyPoint, is an essential tool to understand as much about them as you can. The great thing is you control the questioning, so if you want to test the market before launching a new product or find out what they thought of your last event or special offer, then customer surveys are the route to take and with clever questioning you can identify and anticipate their needs.

Go Above and Beyond

Going the extra mile, is always widely appreciated. Think how you feel when your favourite store offers you a great service. If you feel valued, you will reward the company with your repeat business. Loyalty has to be earned and the way to do this is by going above and beyond the call of duty. As a customer, feeling like you are being listened to and that your opinion counts will help build a lasting relationship.

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