Types Of Electricity and Their Applications

Electricity is a phenomenon of existence and flow of electric charge. Electricity is occurred due to several types of physical activities like an electric charge, electric field , electric currents, electric potential and electromagnets, the movement of these physics generate electricity.

Here the type of Electricity:

Static Electricity:

Static Electricity  is the electromagnetic field created by the charge when it is in a static position  i.e. the formation of electric field even if the charge is at rest .

Static electricity is mainly due to the buildup of electric charges on the surface of the material, the charges are created mainly due to the rubbing of materials to one another. For Example , If you rub a balloon on wool, then the wool is attracted towards the balloon even after you stop rubbing. In this the transfer of positive and negative electrons takes places resulting electrostatic energy.

Types Of Electricity and Their Applications

Current Electricity:

The rate of flow of electrons from one point to another is Current. The Energy thus produced by the moving electrons is current electricity. It is measured in Amperes with Ammeter.

Current flows in the conductors like copper wires. Current is also produced by different methods like heating up the electric stove through electricity, the chemical reactions in the batteries ,etc.

Current is of two different types: Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). Direct Current is like the one obtained through batteries and cells, whereas the alternating current is like the current you get from the wires in the walls.

The magnetism of DC is steady along the wire whereas the magnetism of AC is rotated along the wire. The direction of current is reversed in the Alternating current while the Direct Current flows in one direction.


There are many applications of electricity in todays world. In fact the world couldn’t survive a day without electricity, since every field of life requires electricity now. Here are few applications mentioned below:

  • Electric Train has many components which only work with the help of electricity.
  • All the home appliances like Washing machine , Refrigerators, Fans, AC’s , Electric cookers, Induction stoves etc , are the applications of  electricity at domestic level. The electrical equipments due to overuse may worn out or fail to work , then you just need to call an emergency electrician of Sydney for instant help.
  • All the equipments used in the industrial automation require electricity, since electricity is the easiest form of transfer of energy.
  • Motor driven appliances like driller, jig saw , blender needs electricity.
  • Incandescent light bulbs work by using the joule effect, which is an earlier application of electricity.

These are very few among enormous applications. Sometimes due to fluctuations in the electricity or the varying voltage from device to device the chances of burn out of switches and wiring also arises , in that situation DO NOT PANIC ,you just have to call Sydney Electrician For immediate help at your doorsteps.

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